Application Migration to Cloud

Application Migration to Cloud

Our Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Consulting

Cloud consulting services help to recognize and gain the max value from cloud computing.

  • Consultation for management
  • Business case
  • Process Description and Policies
  • Plan
  • Risk and compliance alliance
  • Guidance on cloud transformation and knowledge transfer

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure offers the same capabilities as physical infrastructure but can provide us:

  • Networking
  • Providing high Flexibility and cloud storage
  • Checking regular maintenance and security updates
  • High-end automation and self-provisioning
  • Provides lower cost ownership

Cloud Machine Learning

  • Providing cloud-based data-driven machine learning solutions
  • Increase customers by giving personalized recommendations on models
  • Chatbot and virtual assistant software development
  • Solving machine learning algorithmic problems
  • Maximize the value of media

Cloud Native Development

Cloud refers to the concept of building and running applications
  • Providing seamless API integration for enhanced UX
  • Eliminates the capital expenses of buying hardware
  • Ability to scale elastically
  • Cloud-based custom app development
  • Re-engineering of applications

Hybrid Cloud

It is a combination of public, private, and data centers for data and data sharing.

  • Reliability
  • Lower capital expenditure
  • Cost efficiency
  • Edge computing integration into hybrid cloud-architecture
  • Flexibility


Cloud Managed Services

Managed cloud services are services that offer complete management of a client’s cloud resources or infrastructure.

  • DevOps and application management
  • Providing recovery services
  • End-to-end managed cloud services

Why Choose SDLC for Your Application Migration to Cloud Service Needs?

Getting Flexible Solutions

The best practice in cloud computing is offering flexibility. One of the benefits of cloud computing is resource and file sharing in real-time, anywhere in the world. Your business becomes agile and gains flexibility. The best thing about cloud services is that you are charged only for what you consume.

Tailor-Made Cloud Solutions

Our experts work with your team round the clock to build fast and secure cloud solutions that are required for your business needs.

Skilled Talent Pool

We are a cloud computing company with a highly skilled pool; we have potential candidates that have the vast industry experience to meet an organization’s immediate and long-term needs.

Enhanced Security

Our team uses encryption methods as well as access- and component-level security to prevent any cyber threats to your business.

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