Case Study

Cassaplus - Empowering Shop Owners with Innovative Odoo POS and Fiscal Printer Integration


Shop owners faced challenges in managing sales processes efficiently while adhering to fiscal regulations. The cloud-based nature of Odoo POS posed a unique challenge, requiring a localized solution for fiscal printer integration within individual shops.

Odoo POS Integration

Cassaplus seamlessly integrated with Odoo POS, providing a user-friendly interface for efficient order processing.

Localized IoT Device

A specialized IoT device was developed to bridge the gap between the cloud-based Odoo POS and local fiscal printers. This device enabled the transmission of order information over local networks, ensuring compliance with fiscal regulations for individual shop owners.

Odoo Solutions Implemented

SDLC Corp, in collaboration with NETCOO Srl, introduced the Cassaplus product with tailored features:

Cassaplus Features:

Efficient Sales Processing

Cassaplus streamlined sales operations, reducing complexities for shop owners.

Fiscal Printer Integration

The product facilitated seamless integration with fiscal printers, meeting regulatory requirements.

Outcomes and Benefits:

The introduction of Cassaplus brought tangible benefits for shop owners:

Simplified Sales Processing

Shop owners experienced streamlined sales processes, reducing the time required for order processing.

Fiscal Compliance

Cassaplus ensured seamless fiscal compliance by integrating with local fiscal printers through the IoT device.


Cassaplus, designed as a tailored product for shop owners, successfully addressed the challenges associated with Odoo POS and fiscal printer integration. The localized solution ensured fiscal compliance while optimizing sales processes for individual shops.

Client Testimonial:

“The Cassaplus product by SDLC Corp has been a game-changer for our shop. It not only streamlined our sales operations but also ensured fiscal compliance with ease. The specialized IoT device seamlessly integrated Odoo POS with our fiscal printer, providing a localized solution that meets our unique needs.”


The Cassaplus project, developed by SDLC Corp and NETCOO Srl, showcases the power of innovation in addressing specific challenges for shop owners. The product’s integration with Odoo POS and fiscal printers stands as a testament to the commitment to providing tailored solutions that empower individual businesses.