Case Study

Transworld Logistics - Elevating Logistics Excellence with Odoo ERP Implementation


Facing the complexities of managing a diverse range of logistics services, Transworld Logistics encountered challenges in internal processes, including fleet management, warehouse operations, order processing, CRM, and employee management. To streamline these operations and achieve a cohesive and efficient system, Transworld Logistics partnered with SDLC Corp for the implementation of Odoo ERP.

Fleet Management

Odoo was customized to optimize the management of Transworld Logistics’ fleet, ensuring efficiency and maintenance tracking.

Warehouse Management

Comprehensive warehouse management modules were implemented, covering storage, handling, and distribution of goods.

Order Management

Odoo streamlined order processing, offering a centralized platform for efficient order tracking and fulfillment.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management):

The CRM module enhanced customer interactions, providing a unified view of client interactions and requirements.

Employee Management

Odoo’s HR module facilitated effective employee management, covering personnel, payroll, and attendance.

Odoo Solutions Implemented

SDLC Corp implemented Odoo ERP to address the multifaceted needs of Transworld Logistics:

Agency Services

Representation of foreign principals, customs clearance, documentation, and transportation support.

Freight Forwarding

Covering air, sea, and land transportation, with door-to-door delivery and consolidation services.

3PL (Third-Party Logistics)

Storage, handling, and distribution of goods on behalf of clients.

Art Logistics

Specialized services for the handling, storage, and transportation of fine art and valuable items.

Project Cargo

Handling oversized, overweight, or complex shipments.

Ecommerce Logistics

Support for online retailers, covering storage, handling, and delivery of goods.

Transworld Logistics ERP Modules:

Outcomes and Benefits:

The Odoo ERP implementation brought significant improvements for Transworld Logistics:

Operational Efficiency

Streamlined internal processes resulted in enhanced operational efficiency across various logistics services.

Unified Information

The centralized ERP platform provided a unified view of fleet management, warehouse operations, orders, customer interactions, and employee management.


The implemented solution positioned Transworld Logistics for future growth and scalability.


Odoo’s modular structure allowed for customization tailored to the unique needs of Transworld Logistics’ diverse services.


The collaboration between Transworld Logistics and SDLC Corp resulted in a transformative Odoo ERP implementation, optimizing internal processes and providing a cohesive platform for managing diverse logistics services.

Client Testimonial:

“The Odoo ERP implementation by SDLC Corp has revolutionized our internal operations at Transworld Logistics. The modular and customizable nature of Odoo allowed us to address specific challenges in fleet management, warehouse operations, and beyond. It’s a testament to the power of technology in enhancing logistics excellence.”


The Transworld Logistics project exemplifies the successful integration of Odoo ERP to elevate logistics operations. By optimizing fleet management, warehouse operations, order processing, CRM, and employee management, Transworld Logistics is well-equipped to continue delivering world-class logistics solutions..
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