What is the Easiest Way to Buy Bitcoin?


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What is the easiest way to buy Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a type of programmed legal tender or cryptocurrency, which functions in a manner to pay for the things that exist virtually. Moreover, Bitcoin pre-owned a decentralized webbing of computers in order to supervise everything which is commonly referred to as a distributed ledger or a blockchain. In addition to this, this network ensures the probability of the currency as well as the possession of the bitcoins.

Some of the Methods to buy Bitcoins are listed below:

Financial Apps

Financial Apps such as PayPalor Venmo allow an individual to trade. On one hand, PayPal makes it magnificently easy to directly buy as well as sell bitcoins using the same app that an individual trusts with their online payments whereas on the other hand, Enmo charges the same fee as it is owned by PayPal.Moreover, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash are tradeable on these apps.

Crypto Exchanges

Crypto Exchanges are one of the most well-known options for those who are looking to buy Bitcoin.Furthermore, exchanges provide certain benefits for traders. The benefits include: firstly, the best crypto exchanges supply the lowest possible all-in costs in order to trade cryptocurrency.Secondly, many exchanges do not  charge hidden fees built into the trading prices. And lastly, exchanges provide wallets in order to store the cryptocurrencies safely.

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Trading Apps

There are two popular trading apps such as Webull and Robinhood. Robinhood does not charge any commission but it does charge a spread makeup. Moreover, on this app, an individual will be able to buy bitcoins directly as it is an easy to use platform. Apart from this, on the other end, Webull lets an individual trade more than 25 cryptos.

Traditional Brokers

Some of the traditional brokers have set forth into the cryptocurrency field, which includes Interactive Brokers and Trade Station. Additionally, at Interactive Brokers, an individual can buy futures contracts on Bitcoin as well as trade the coin directly. Along with this, Interactive Brokers offers a range of tradable securities.

Bitcoin ATMs

Another option to buy Bitcoins directly is Bitcoin ATM. If an individual buys bitcoins then ATMs will permit them to sell but an individual must have a Bitcoin wallet in order to make the transaction.

What to Watch while Buying Bitcoin

The aspects  which should be kept intellect while buying Bitcoin are as follows:


An individual can buy Bitcoins directly, which provides a remit on the tendency of the currency.


Commissions can be extended broadly on how an individual can acquire Bitcoin.

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One of the substantial  agitation with any expenditure is assembling that the investments made are safe and secure.

Upside / Downside

The possible clinch is related to whether an individual owns the currency personally or with the help of future contracts.

What Guidance is Required to Procure Bitcoin?

When an individual opens an account at a crypto exchange or a traditional exchange, then they have to lay out basic personal information. The information includes an individual’s name, social security number, address, phone number as well as the bank account number. In addition to this, an individual also has to give details about how much trading experience they carry and how comfortable they are with trading. Moreover, this particular information permits the firm to identify or verify the individual.  

Where is the Best Place to Store Bitcoins?

The best place to store Bitcoins hangs upon what individual plans to use them for. For instance, if an individual plans to trade their Bitcoins, then it will be perfect to keep them with the crypto exchange. Apart from this, others may go with a crypto wallet, if they plan to spend or to keep it safe. Moreover, a crypto wallet can hold as well as secure the cryptocurrency. The two wallets are:

Hot Wallets

A hot wallet permits an individual’s cryptocurrency to be used easily. There are some varieties of Hot Wallets which includes:

Desktop Wallets

Mobile Wallets

Mobile Wallets

Cold Wallets

A Cold Wallet is one of the most valuable wallets as it makes an individual’s cryptocurrency impermeable.Furthermore, they rely on a physical device in order to save their holdings.

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How do Beginners buy Bitcoins?

There are 4 steps which help a beginner to buy Bitcoins. The steps are as follows:

Step 1 – Get a Bitcoin Wallet.

Step 2 – Locate Bitcoin Address.

Step 3 – Select the amount to buy a Bitcoin.

Step 4 – Navigation will appear, where an individual has to enter their Bitcoin address as well as the information of the payment.

Best Places to Buy Bitcoin in 2022

Best Overall – Coinbase.

Best for Beginners – eToro.

Best for No Cost – Robinhood.

Best Instant – CoinMama.

Best for Interest as well as for Borrowing – BlockFi.

Best for Privacy – Bisq.

How to Buy Bitcoins Directly?

In order to buy Bitcoins directly, an individual has to follow a few steps. The steps includes:

Select a crypto exchange.

Decide on a payment option.

Place an order.

Select a safe storage option.

How much to Invest in Bitcoin?

An individual should invest in Bitcoin approximately around 5 percent to 30 percent of their investment capital, which constitutes 3 percent to be safe and secure whereas 30 percent to be a little risky.

Factors to be Kept in Mind while Investing in Bitcoin

The factors that should be kept in mind while investing in Bitcoin are listed below:

Risk tolerance.

Profit tolerance.


Change of Mind.


6 Main Things to Know and Understand in order to Avoid Sloppy Mistakes During Investments

Here are the six rules you should follow while investing:

Should understand the basics perfectly.

Should understand the technology properly.

Find the right exchange with the best fees.

Don’t overtrade.

Understand the implication of tax.

Don’t invest more than  you can afford to lose.

Never refer to cryptocurrencies as shares.

Don’t over diversify your portfolio.

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