How Much Will It Cost To Develop a Cryptocurrency Wallet App

In 2023, How Much Will It Cost To Develop a Cryptocurrency Wallet App?


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How much will it cost to Develop a Cryptocurrency Wallet App

Cost To Develop a Cryptocurrency Wallet App: Investments in blockchain technology have outpaced predictions across startups, businesses, and even Fortune 500 companies, making cryptocurrency wallet app development one of the most thriving industries at the moment.

Because of the high demand for cryptocurrency software wallets, Fintech-driven businesses have incorporated them into their revenue and business models.

Everything you need to know about the price of creating bitcoin wallet software and the factors affecting that price is covered in this article.

What is Cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is an encrypted digital or virtual currency, making counterfeiting or replication nearly impossible. Most cryptocurrencies are decentralized Blockchain-based networks, global databases created by a world-class computer network. Cryptocurrencies are generally not issued by a central authority, which makes them immune to government intervention or exploitation.

Bitcoin is the most prominent example of a cryptocurrency. (Read more about How to Use Cryptocurrency for Making Huge Amount in 2023).

Budgeting Your Crypto Wallet App Development

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Cost of Developing a Crypto Wallet App

Cost of Developing a Crypto Wallet App

Developing a cryptocurrency wallet app could range between $25,000 and $200,000. The complexity of a blockchain wallet app increases the overall software development cost. Simply put, the cost of cryptocurrency software rises in direct proportion to its complexity.

For example, the price range for building a simple app with limited features is between $25,000 and $60,000. On the other hand, a comprehensive application with a long list of features can cost you around $200,000. The latter option may increase overall costs, but it is still well worth it, given the guaranteed ROI.

Factors Influencing the Price of Creating a Blockchain Wallet

The complexity of a crypto wallet app is determined by several factors, including its feature set, the technology stack that supports it, visual components, and so on. Although it is difficult to predict every element that will impact your specific app requirements, the following list thoroughly summarises the most important ones.

Size of the Wallet App

The size of the app is another factor that influences the overall cost of a crypto wallet. The number of features in an app increases its overall size, which raises the price of developing the app. Choosing an MVP development that focuses only on the essential elements in the first edition is one cost-effective way to keep the budget in check. In addition, it will allow you to provide excellent customer service at a reasonable cost.

The MVP will emphasize the app’s idea most notable features. After receiving an initial review from the target audience, you can develop fully functional crypto wallet software with many features.

Design of a Crypto Wallet

Your crypto wallet’s success relies heavily on its simple and appealing design. Creating a cryptocurrency wallet will vary according to the specifications, and while a good UI/UX design plan will cost more, it will ultimately save you money.

It will take time to create each component of your wallet app, such as the UI/UX design, wireframes, and so on, depending on the specifications you choose. The total cost will be very high if you need a more intricate structure.

The Team's Size is

The cost of a cryptocurrency wallet varies according to the team size at the crypto app development firm you choose. For example, hiring a freelancer rather than a full-fledged team of project managers, designers, and developers will significantly reduce the overall cost of developing an app.

The latter option will likely increase overall costs, but it will be worthwhile given their general level of professional knowledge. Instead, create a robust product that will offer your consumer base a distinctive user feedback with the assistance of a committed team of professionals.

Technology Stack

The technological stack used to build the cryptocurrency wallet software also impacts the overall cost. A modern technology stack can also catapult your mobile app to the forefront of technological advancements.


As more features are added, the price of the crypto wallet app rises. For example, a simple cryptocurrency wallet software with limited features can range between $25,000 and $40,000. On the other hand, a mobile wallet software with a long list of features like in-chat digital payments, KYC checks, OTC trading, and so on is likely to cost at least $200,000, if not more.

You now have a clear understanding of the development costs of a crypto wallet.

The biggest question now is how to get started correctly!

Estimating Crypto Wallet App Development Costs

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How to Make a Wallet App for Cryptocurrency?

Allow me to walk you through creating a cryptocurrency wallet for your company. Creating a one-of-a-kind mobile wallet can help you achieve a guaranteed ROI if done correctly.

Use Open-Source

Because significant cryptocurrencies are all open-source, finding their libraries should be simple.

When developing an Android or iOS cryptocurrency wallet app, it is common practice to use the Coinbase SDK, a cross-platform library. It also supports several programming languages, such as Python, Ruby, and Java.

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Use Feature-Rich APIs

APIs from Coinbase, Bitcore, SimpleSwap, and Factom, among others, can help accelerate development.

ClouaPaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) will be one of your best bets if you want to build a web platform. On the other hand, a BaaS (Blockchain development as a Service) provider must be used when developing a mobile app.

The next stage of development involves selecting the best tech stack for your cryptocurrency wallet application. Then, using a mobile devices app powered by cutting-edge technology, you can stay ahead of the competition. For example, Java or Kotlin can create native Android apps, whereas Swift or Objective-C are recommended for developing iOS apps.

App Security

A crypto wallet app must comply with all applicable safety regulations to secure data. Face ID, data encryption, two-factor authentication, and other extra security measures are just a few ways to ensure your wallet app meets all security standards.

App Development

Following a thorough examination of the competitors, developing the app can begin. The overall development process includes the following:
Finalizing the feature list.
Designing the app.
Developing the code.
Thoroughly testing the app.

Costing Out Your Crypto Wallet App Development

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After reading this blog, you should know what a cryptocurrency wallet app is and how to create one with advanced features. There are numerous blockchain app development companies on the market, but you must choose the best one for your budget.

The features discussed above determine the cost of developing a robust cryptocurrency wallet app. Still, depending on the factors considered, the development cost will range between $25000 and $200000.

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