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How to build an adventurous tour app like HQ TURO?

Overview of an app like HQ TRIVIA LIVE

HQ Trivia is a top trivia app that’s buzzing worldwide. Players compete in a LIVE online trivia game to earn real cash prizes deposited directly to your PayPal account. All you have to do is sign into the app at the right time of day (there are two daily contests) to play. Ensure you’re active on the app at the start of the game, or you’ll be locked out before it even starts.

Once the game starts and the first question flashes onto your screen, you’ll have a few quick seconds to tap the correct answer. The super short time limit set in place is deliberate. That way, a system is set up where any precious seconds taken to google search answers means you run out of time and lose.

Functioning of App like HQ


1. Live Trivia Games:

– HQ Trivia hosted live trivia games at scheduled times during the day. Users received notifications when a game was about to start.

– Games were typically hosted by a charismatic and engaging host who presented a series of multiple-choice questions.

2. Game Format:

– Each game consisted of questions, usually 12 or 15.

– Players had a limited time, typically around 10 seconds, to answer each question.

– The questions became progressively more challenging as the game advanced.

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3. Elimination Rounds:

– Players who answered a question incorrectly were eliminated from the game. The remaining players moved on to the next round.

– The goal was to answer all questions correctly and reach the final round to have a chance at winning the cash prize.

4. Cash Prizes:

– The total cash prize for each game was typically fixed and divided among the winners.

– If multiple players made it to the final round and answered the last question correctly, they would share the prize money.

5. Social Features:

– HQ Trivia encouraged social engagement by allowing users to invite friends to play and compete against each other.

– Players could see how many people participated in a game and how many were left after each question.

6. Monetization:

– HQ Trivia monetized the app through sponsorships and advertising. Occasionally, games featured sponsored questions or themes.

– Users could also earn extra lives by referring friends to the app.

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1. Scheduled Games:

– Games were scheduled in advance, and players received notifications to join when a game was about to start.

2. Real-Time Hosts:

– Each game was hosted by a live presenter who interacted with players, presented questions, and provided commentary.

3. Multiple-Choice Questions:

– The trivia questions were presented in a multiple-choice format.

– Players had a limited time (around 10 seconds) to select the correct answer for each question.

4. Progressive Difficulty:

– The questions became progressively more challenging as the game advanced.

5. Sponsorships and Advertising:

– HQ Trivia monetized the app through sponsorships and advertising.

– Sponsored questions or themes occasionally appeared in games.

6. Leaderboards:

– The app featured leaderboards to showcase top-performing players.


1. Entertainment and Engagement:

– HQ Trivia provided an entertaining and engaging platform for users to participate in live trivia games.

– The games’ real-time nature and live hosts added an interactive and social component to the experience.

2. Innovative Live Format:

– The app introduced an innovative live format for trivia games, allowing players to compete in real-time against a large audience.

– The live format created a sense of excitement and urgency, encouraging users to tune in at scheduled game times.

3. Cash Prizes:

– HQ Trivia offered real cash prizes to winners, attracting a broad user base seeking the opportunity to win money through trivia knowledge.

4. Social Interaction:

– The app included social features that allowed users to invite friends to play, see how many people were participating, and compete against each other.

– Social interactions contributed to the viral growth of the app.

5. User Retention and Loyalty:

– The scheduled nature of the games and the potential to win cash prizes contributed to user retention and loyalty.

– Players were incentivised to return to the app for future games, enhancing user engagement.

6. Influence on Live Trivia Apps:

– HQ Trivia’s success influenced the emergence of other live trivia apps, contributing to a trend in the gaming industry.

App Statistics


Share of adults in the United States who have heard of casual game HQ Trivia as of January 2023

A January 2023 survey found that about 74 percent of United States adults had heard nothing about the HQ Trivia mobile game, which Intermedia Labs developed to allow users to win prize money through live trivia games.


1. Hosts and Engagement:

– The app had charismatic hosts who presented questions and engaged with the audience in real-time.

– The live nature of the game created a sense of urgency and excitement, encouraging users to participate regularly.

2. Popularity and Growth:

– HQ Trivia experienced rapid growth and gained a large user base, particularly among younger audiences.

 – The app’s success was fueled by its innovative approach to mobile gaming and the social aspect of playing live with friends and a global audience.

3. Challenges and Controversies:

– HQ Trivia faced challenges, including technical issues during live games, server crashes, and controversies related to prize distribution.

– The app’s popularity also attracted copycat apps and competitors, leading to increased competition in the live trivia space.

4. Legacy:

– HQ Trivia’s rise and fall highlighted the challenges in maintaining the success of a novel app in a rapidly changing market.

– The app’s legacy lies in its impact on the live trivia and mobile gaming genres, influencing other apps to explore similar formats.

Steps to Follow to Develop an HQ Trivia App

1. Market Research:

– Research the competition and identify unique selling points for your trivia app.

– Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of existing trivia apps to inform your development strategy.

2. User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design:

– Design an intuitive and engaging user interface.

– Focus on creating a seamless and enjoyable user experience during live trivia games.

3. Question Database and Management:

– Create a comprehensive question database with varying difficulty levels.

– Develop a content management system for adding, editing, and removing questions.

4. Testing:

– Conduct thorough testing to identify and fix bugs.

– Consider beta testing with a select group of users to gather feedback on the user experience.

5. Development & Launch:

– Implement the backend infrastructure for real-time communication, question delivery, and user authentication.

– Develop the frontend components for the app interface, ensuring responsiveness and smooth interactions.

– Integrate features for user registration, profile management, and in-app purchases if you plan to monetize through virtual goods or ads.

– Release the app on the chosen platforms (App Store, Google Play, etc.).

– Promote the app through marketing channels to attract users.

On-Demand App Development Company

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Cost to Develop an Hq trivia

The straightforward answer is, that the HQ Trivia App clone advancement it will fairly require an exertion estimation of 25,000 USD – 35,000 USD. Which covers an iPhone App and Android App pursued by the Back-end Admin Panel configuration, creating an arrangement that includes complete testing. For HQ Trivia Similar, Android App Design and Development, iPhone App Design and Development, HD Live Stream good back-end board Design and Development, API’s development, and Server Integrations will take 4-5 date-book a long time as the plan of action includes included and asset ability in building up the Trivial and Live Streaming Apps Design and Development.


Trivia games are known for their unpredictable nature and are very popular. This is the reason why HQ Trivia became an overnight sensation. Its interactive layer has repackaged the live stream experience in a fresh and enjoyable way. Trivia games can make you feel like the most intelligent person in the room. Many Trivia apps failed in the past because they needed more solid gameplay. Even great iPhone app developer partner up with someone with strong marketing channels. Remember that marketing plays an important role in making your app successful.

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There are no pre-expected capabilities to begin any XYZ business; this is the equivalent of HQ Trivia-like business. You have to remember every one of the things talked about in this article before beginning an efficient live quiz game app like HQ Trivia.

Live quiz game apps like HQ Trivia are profiting from the publicising bargains. It has earned cash from brands like Nike and Warner Bros for publicising. Indeed, a supported amusement was facilitated by Dwayne Johnson to advance his up-and-coming motion picture, Rampage. Along these lines, you can publicise items on the show and even by supporting the whole show. This is how you can likewise profit simply like how HQ Trivia is making.

 Acknowledge for business learning, you don’t have to take a shot at having any specialized mastery, and you can begin with your HQ Trivia-like business by simply having your studio, group and HQ Trivia clone application prepared.

Like some other application development time, your live quiz game app like the HQ Trivia clone application, can be created and propelled within 4-5 months. This may vary from application development organizations to evolving necessities.

Building up an HQ Trivia clone application isn’t tied in with improving similar highlights and functionalities that the application has. Because of altered prerequisites and improved client experience, the cost contrasts. You have to contact here to discover your altered cost.

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