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What is the Cost of Developing Poker Game App?


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What is the Cost of Developing Poker Game App?

In light of the poker game app accelerated expansion, we have recently completed the development of Poker Game for 3Plus Games, one of our most esteemed clients. Recently, poker has also contributed to the expansion of mobile gaming and online gaming. In recent years, poker has experienced substantial growth as a result of the increasing prevalence of skill-based and real-money card games, as well as the considerable interest of gamers in mobile gaming. Numerous card games, including Rummy, CallBreak, Solitaire, and Win-Patti (Skill-based Teen Patti), are also at the top of the charts alongside poker.

SDLC Corporation, a prominent game development company based in India, has maintained a track record of success in the gaming industry for the past decade. The following are prominent gaming companies with which we have collaborated: YooZoo Games, MPL, Flipkart, Junglee Games, Zupee, Circle Of Games, 3Plus Games, Kubera Fantasy, and Rummy XL.

Poker games acquire a massive audience and generate significant revenue. In recent times it has been seen that game owners are spending money on developing Poker games. As the number of online poker games increases, now is an ideal time to develop the game. However, prior to that, it is critical to estimate the budget in order to prevent the unnecessary expenditure of a substantial quantity of money. 

So, how much does it cost to develop a Poker Game?

The estimated total cost of the poker game, including all features and functionalities, is $18,000 (USD). However, this figure is subject to change as additional features are incorporated. In addition to features and functionalities, the client’s SoW – Scope of Work document is of significant importance as it outlines in detail all the features and functionalities that are required. The SoW document aids in the comprehensive understanding of the requirements, allowing the game developer to generate a reasonable time and cost estimate. 

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Why should you rope in for Poker Game Development?

Although poker is presently recognized as one of the most lucrative online games in terms of revenue generation, that should not be the only criterion for your investment decision. Listed below are several compelling arguments in favor of investing in the development of a poker application.

1) An Increase in Revenues

The development of poker has yielded substantial revenue, which is one of the greatest advantages of the game’s growing prominence. The poker game’s gameplay is extremely thrilling. Irrespective of one’s skill level, the win-loss ratio between two participants remains at 50/50.

Thus, each participant in poker faces intense competition, which generates a lively atmosphere. Owners of poker games consistently obtain large returns in this manner. There are numerous reasons why a significant number of investors prefer to create gambling application software from the ground up.

2) Simple to Create

Poker game development is straightforward and uncomplicated. Poker is not unique among card games in that it features intricate mechanisms. In poker, the customary game development process is adhered to. Beginning with market research and requirements accumulating, the game is then tested and released. However, the coding component is what simplifies the development process.

A dev bundle, consisting of pre-made software, can be utilized to construct the Poker game application. Consequently, the game can be introduced to the market more rapidly as a result of this straightforward procedure; consequently, your investment will be profitable. You will save money and time during the development of poker games in this manner.

3) Popular Game Genre

Poker activities are presently in high demand. One hundred percent of the gaming market is comprised of poker players. As technology develops and youth mobile gaming becomes more prevalent, poker is likely to grow.

Does it encourage financial investment in the development of poker games?

Certainly, it is! Since its inception, poker has never experienced a decline and has a greater likelihood of success.

4) A Consistent Market Run

The consistency of success rates in mobile games has been inconsistent over time. However, this has not been the case with poker. It is exceedingly remarkable to consider that the poker industry continues to expand. Putting funds into poker will ensure that the revenue stream remains active.

5) Broad Audience Perception

Numerous online users are eager to evaluate a novel poker platform. Poker, due to its widespread popularity and substantial user base, does not require the development of targeted strategies to entice participants.

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Which variables are crucial when determining the budget for a poker application?

1. Complexity of App

A typical game application comprises rudimentary functionalities and features. However, implementing complex applications typically necessitates more effort, and the cost of the poker game application differs between standard and complex app models. Tech-savvy poker games offer a plethora of enhanced and abundant features, thereby augmenting user engagement opportunities. Consequently, applications that possess rudimentary functionality have become obsolete.

The majority of poker game application development firms must streamline their app specifications. In conclusion, the inclusion of premium features in a mobile game application will result in an escalation of development expenses.

2. Platform

The development cost of your poker game will be substantially influenced by the platform you select. It may be more expensive to develop a game for multiple platforms, such as iOS and Android, as opposed to developing one for a single platform.

Furthermore, it is essential to specify whether a poker game will be a solitary operation or if it will be integrated into a multi-gaming platform.

3. Game App Design

The cost of developing a poker application is substantially influenced by the design of the game app, given that aesthetics are sufficient to entice and retain users.

The design incorporates navigation, UI/UX, and application design. An accomplished game application development company employs a group of seasoned designers to enhance the visual allure of your poker game while ensuring seamless navigation.

4. Exceptional Payment Gateway

Poker is both a skill and chance game. To ensure an exceptional poker experience, it is critical that the payment gateway is of superior quality. Effortless and streamlined payment gateways foster user confidence and facilitate the acquisition of additional users.

It is mandatory to incorporate a payment gateway, and incorporating all the newest features, such as digital payments (UPI) and multiple and international payments, could potentially increase the budget for the application.

5. Security & Safety

Do you adhere to contemporary security protocols and best practices when it comes to poker games? To what extent do you desire your application to be impervious to hacking? It seems that numerous inquiries emerge, does not it?

Safety and security are of the utmost importance in poker games, given that real money is involved. In order to safeguard users’ earnings, these games must be equipped with every conceivable security measure.

In addition, prior to releasing the game application, it is critical to identify any significant vulnerabilities that could attract cybercriminals. In most cases, these procedures may incur additional expenses.

6. Maintenance & Support

You will be required to invest in continuous maintenance and support to keep the game current and operating efficiently once it has been developed. Consistently addressing bugs, incorporating novel features, and monitoring industry developments are additional elements that may contribute to an escalated development budget for poker games.

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What are the benefits of developing poker game?

Developing a poker game can offer several benefits, both for developers and players:

1. Revenue Generation:

When legally permissible, a well-designed poker game has the potential to generate substantial revenue through a variety of monetization strategies, including in-app purchases, subscriptions, advertisements, and real-money gaming.

2. Skill Development:

Developing a poker game requires proficiency in programming, game design, user interface development, networking, and possibly artificial intelligence. It offers developers an opportunity to enhance their skills and expertise in these areas.

3. Market Demand:

 Poker is a popular and enduring game with a large and dedicated player base worldwide. Developing a high-quality poker game can tap into this existing market demand and attract players looking for engaging and authentic gaming experiences.

4. Brand Building:

A successful poker game can enhance the reputation and visibility of the development studio or company behind it. Positive player feedback, high ratings, and widespread adoption can contribute to brand recognition and credibility within the gaming industry.

5. Community Engagement:

Poker games often foster vibrant and active communities of players who share strategies, tips, and experiences. Developers can leverage this sense of community to engage with players, gather feedback, and cultivate long-term relationships that support ongoing game updates and improvements.

6. Cross-Platform Opportunities:

 With the rise of mobile gaming and online platforms, poker games can be developed for various platforms, including PC, mobile devices, consoles, and web browsers. This cross-platform approach maximizes accessibility and potential reach among different audiences.

7. Educational Value:

Poker is a game that promotes critical thinking, decision-making, probability assessment, and risk management skills. A well-designed poker game can offer educational value by providing players with opportunities to develop and hone these cognitive abilities in a fun and interactive environment.

8. Entertainment and Socialization:

 Above all, poker games offer entertainment and opportunities for socialization. Whether playing with friends, competing in tournaments, or facing off against AI opponents, poker games provide immersive and enjoyable experiences that keep players coming back for more.


In conclusion, while the cost to develop a poker game can vary depending on factors such as complexity, platform, features, and team size, it represents a worthwhile investment for developers seeking to tap into a lucrative market with a large and dedicated player base. Despite the initial financial outlay, the potential for revenue generation, skill development, brand building, community engagement, cross-platform opportunities, educational value, and entertainment make the development of a poker game a strategic and rewarding endeavor. By carefully planning and executing the development process, developers can create a high-quality poker game that not only meets player expectations but also delivers long-term value and success.

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Poker is one of the most popular card games growing in the online gaming market. Poker games are budget friendly and allow game owners to enter quickly into the gaming business. 

The Poker game overall estimated cost with basic features & functionalities starts from $18000 (USD), and the cost may increase if more features are added.

Understanding different poker variants and their rules

   – Developing an intuitive user interface

   – Implementing a secure and reliable online platform for multiplayer gameplay

   – Incorporating AI for single-player modes

   – Integrating features for social interaction and community building

 – Languages: C++, Java, C#, Python

   – Technologies: Unity, Unreal Engine, HTML5, JavaScript, Node.js

  1. How can I ensure fairness and security in my online poker game?

   – Implementing secure server-client communication protocols

   – Using random number generators (RNGs) to ensure card dealing is unbiased

  By implementing encryption methods, user data and transactions are safeguarded.Consistently conducting security audits and updates to mitigate the risks of phishing and cheating

 – Researching and adhering to gambling regulations in target regions

   – Obtaining necessary licenses and permits for real-money gaming, if applicable

   – Ensuring compliance with age restrictions and responsible gaming practices

   – Consulting legal experts to navigate complex legal frameworks

  1. How can I monetize my poker game?

   – Offering in-app purchases for virtual currency, cosmetic items, or gameplay enhancements

   – Implementing subscription-based models for access to premium features or tournaments

   – Introducing advertisements, sponsorships, or partnerships with brands

   – Providing options for real-money gaming where legally permissible, with appropriate safeguards for player protection

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