NFT Social Token Development

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What does Social Token Mean?

Social tokens are tokens created under ERC-20 that allow users to represent their services in digital format. The user will charge their service fee based on the number of tokens described.

Within the liquidity pool, these tokens are frequently exchanged. It’s common for creators to publish their ad mediums on platforms like YouTube or other platforms that charge 10-20% of revenue with restrictions.

This social token allows creators such as musicians, artists, and writers to issue their tokens to users. This enables the user to gain access to exclusive content for the users with no charge or restrictions.

NFT Social Token Development

A Summary of the Two Varieties of Social Tokens

Personal Token

A personal token is a token that stands for one particular person. They can be famous people, artists, people who make content, people who have a lot of influence, or anyone else. But it works well for people who have a lot of followers. These personal tokens can mean two different things. One has to do with money and is called “token-redeemable labor” or “income share agreements.” The other is more like loyalty points and gives the user access to the celebrity’s latest news, newsletters, etc.


Token Community

Community tokens, as the name suggests, are all about a community. Most community tokens’ primary use case is gated access. This means that token holders will be the only ones who can join certain community events or groups on social platforms like Discord, Telegram, etc. Tools like CollabLand make this token-gating make sense.


Advantages of Social Token

  • The use of social tokens makes you and your organization more popular.
  • Digital representation makes it easier for the industry to take advantage of the chance.
  • Your social tokens cut down on mediators.
  • Charges for third-party cuts and transactions are no longer needed.
  • Boosts the value of your digital currency in use.
  • Enables community participation.
  • It makes your network and community stronger.
  • It makes it easier for assets to be shown.
  • Transactions are safe and easy to understand.
  • It gives the community control over how it is run through contributions.
  • Gated communities have pros and cons.

Some Thoughts on the Well-Known People Who Make Social Tokens

Community tokens are a new, cutting-edge idea still in its early stages.

Check out some models that have already worked well to understand better what they are like.

KSK Honda Coin

Keisuke Honda, a soccer player from Japan, worked with Rally to make this coin. Fans who own these tokens will get special news from the player, the ability to talk privately with the player on Discord, and social recognition from the player.


GG Strike Coin

The esports organization Gen G released GG Strike Coin, a brand coin. The people who own this token can talk to players and coaches on Discord, vote on important things like the design of jerseys, get on a safelist for pre-sales of merchandise, make suggestions about teams and get responses.


RAC, a musician who has won a Grammy, made the $RAC token. These tokens can’t be bought; people have to earn them. RAC’s Patreon subscribers each get an equal share of 50,000 $RAC tokens monthly. The people who own tokens can talk to each other on Discord and have access to the merchandise and exclusive content.


Friends With Benefits is a group of artists, rebels, thinkers, and people who like to make things. The market has a total of 1 million $FWB. The community communicates through Discord, and a user must have 75 $FWB to be a part of it. They also run many events all over the world.


Alex Masmej made this token to raise money so he could move to San Francisco and start a career in crypto. A deal was made for sharing his income, and 15% of all the money he makes for the next three years will go to the people who own his tokens. The people who own tokens can also meet with each other one-on-one and decide how to run things.


SWAGG tokens are being made available to a group of creative people. It focuses on connecting artists and letting them work together to create new art. In addition, token holders get perks like access to the Discord chat, early access to SWAGG drops, grants and rewards from SWAGG, and the right to vote on SWAGG community actions.


The token $JAMM was made by Brian Flynn and is listed on Roll. For an investor to be able to read Brian Flynn’s newsletters, they need to collect $1,000 worth of JAMM social money. When a user pays to sign up for a newsletter the old way, they get nothing in return. With JAMM, they get something in return.


COIN Artist made a token called $COIN. It is a social network with games. People who own this token can use E-Den, a community network with a big say in how the token will be used in the future. The $COIN tokens can be bet in exchange for $CRED tokens, which can be used to buy digital assets in the game Neon District.


Whale Shark made the $WHALE token public. A big group of NFTs backs this token kept in a VAULT. Token holders get access to events, games, poker, governance decisions, white-listing for buying NFTs in the vault, and more. Popularity-wise, it ranks up there with other forms of virtual currency.

Why Should You Pick SDLC Social Token Platform Development?

Find out why you should join us in launching a social token.

Help for a Long Time

SDLC is a group that works together to come up with great ideas. Also, our customer service is always available. Even after the token launch, we help you out. But in the long run, you might have to pay for our services.

Developers of the blockchain

We have assembled an elite group of blockchain technologists with experience across various successful cryptocurrency initiatives.

Security Comes First

The tokens your investors own must make them feel safe. To ensure that we encrypt intelligent contracts, we take several auditing steps.

Multiple Token Standards

We can help you make tokens that follow standards like ERC 20, ERC 721, ERC 223, ERC 1155, BEP 20, BEP 721, TRC 20, TRC 721, etc.

Tests that are Hard to Pass

Our testing team does many careful tests to ensure the Community Token Platform doesn’t have any bugs.


As a company that makes White-label social token platforms, we know a lot about blockchain networks like Ethereum, TRON, Binance SmartChain, Cardano, Tezos, Polygon, PolkaDot, etc.

Social token advantages Individual employees, private companies, event organizers, and social groups

The average time it takes to create an ERC-20 token is six to seven days. However, it may vary depending on your project.

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