Bengaluru Airport Launches T2 on the Metaverse Platform

Bengaluru Airport Launches T2 on the Metaverse Platform: Experience the Future of Air Travel


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Bengaluru Airport on Metaverse Platform: As technology advances, the concept of a metaverse is becoming more and more popular. A metaverse technology is essentially a virtual world that is entirely immersive and interactive, allowing users to create their own experiences and explore a range of virtual environments. One such atmosphere recreated in the metaverse is Bengaluru airport’s Terminal 2.

Bengaluru airport is one of the busiest airports in India, and Terminal 2 is its newest addition, inaugurated in 2021. The terminal spans over 255,000 square meters and is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to ensure a seamless travel experience for passengers.

However, due to the pandemic and travel restrictions, only some have had the chance to experience the terminal physically. That’s where the metaverse comes in.

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How to Use BLR Metaport?

People and travellers interested in a virtual experience can visit – and use their phone or another smart device for touring and navigate the new terminal virtually. In addition, users can customize their digital avatars’ faces, bodies, hair, and outfits.

Step into a limitless universe of possibilities where imagination meets reality in the metaverse.

BLR Metaport - Experience BLR Airport

Users can also use their digital avatars to visit airline counters, enter the security area, interact with airport staff, check into flights, shop at any store, and connect with other travellers. Other available features include video-conferencing, messaging, spatial audio, etc.

According to Satyaki Raghunath, chief strategy and development officer at BIAL, “This is our first foray into the world of Web3 and non-fungible tokens (NFTs)”. Users can virtually visit Bengaluru airport’s Terminal 2 and explore its features in the metaverse. The virtual terminal has been recreated to look and feel exactly like the real one, with all its unique architectural features, including the striking glass façade, the curved roof, and the airy interior.

Users can move around the terminal using their avatars and interact with various elements, such as checking in, going through security, and browsing duty-free shops.

The metaverse also offers additional features that enhance the user’s experience. For instance, users can access additional information about the terminal and its facilities, such as flight schedules, terminal maps, and directions. There are also interactive elements that make the experience more engaging, such as virtual assistants that can guide users through the terminal and answer their questions.

The benefits of recreating real-world environments in the metaverse are numerous. For one, it allows people who may have yet to have the opportunity to visit in person to experience the terminal virtually. People with mobility issues, residents of remote areas, or those unable to travel because of pandemic-related restrictions can all benefit from it.

Additionally, recreating the terminal in the metaverse can be a valuable tool for airport operators. It allows them to test various design elements and get user feedback before implementing them in the physical world.

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Bengaluru airport’s Terminal 2 is an excellent example of how real-world environments can be recreated in the metaverse. With its immersive and interactive features, the virtual terminal offers users a unique experience that closely mirrors the physical one. As technology advances, we can expect more real-world environments recreated in the metaverse, providing users with new and exciting ways to explore the world around them.


It is a virtual environment in which people can explore, create, and interact with others. Many wonders if they can fly in the Metaverse as it grows in popularity. Yes, it is possible to fly in the Metaverse.

A smartphone can connect to the metaverse, though its capabilities may be limited. You will also require the following devices: A computer is A laptop with good graphics and memory that will enhance your experience if you want to go beyond the capabilities of a smartphone.

While there will be no single subscription fee for “the metaverse,” applications and experiences that use and benefit from metaverse technologies may have purchase prices, subscription fees, in-app purchases, or other business models. But, again, this is similar to how we access the internet today.

Investors and gamers can benefit from the metaverse. Investors can profit by selling NFTs, and gamers can profit by playing. For example, you could host an event and sell tickets or rent metaverse real estate. Consider a job in the metaverse industry for long-term earnings.

What will the metaverse allow me to accomplish? You can, for example, attend a virtual concert, travel online, and buy and try on digital clothing. The goal is to create a space similar to the internet, where users (via digital avatars) can walk around and interact with one another in real time.

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