How Much Does it Cost to Build a Blockchain App?


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How much does it cost to build a Blockchain App

Cost to Build a Blockchain App: Blockchain is a hot technology that everyone is talking about. 

Satoshi Nakamoto, the technology’s ghost-inventor, created it in the name of freedom, allowing digital information to be distributed but not copied. 

Simply put, blockchain is a decentralized network that has been dubbed “the new Internet” by some.

However, blockchain has a far more significant global impact. For example, consider one of its applications: cryptocurrency (How Much Will It Cost To Develop a Cryptocurrency Wallet App). It has made financial transactions more transparent and eliminated unnecessary bank fees.

As a result, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have transformed the traditional economy. Later, we’ll answer the most frequently asked question: Read on if you want to know how much it costs to make a cryptocurrency. 

Today, blockchain is mainly associated with cryptocurrency and its infrastructure: cryptocurrency wallets, trading apps, live games like CryptoKitties, and a slew of other crypto applications.

However, blockchain is not just for cryptocurrencies. There are numerous apps for various industries. They assist businesses in lowering costs, saving money, and securely storing data. 

Let us delve deeper and focus on the various blockchain applications and their actual costs (including total blockchain development costs)

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How Much does it Typically Cost to Hire a Blockchain Programmer?

It is challenging to provide an immediate answer to this question. Moreover, because blockchain and cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy, it is hard to find the right professionals to deliver the end product on time. Claims that

The developers charge two types of hourly rates: average and median:
– Hourly rates range from $81 to $100 on average.
– Hourly rates range from $61 to $80 on average.

Blockchain Developer Hourly Rate Distribution

Use offshore or nearshore software development services to reduce the cost of blockchain implementation and development. This is also referred to as software outsourcing. 

Numerous companies in India have development offices outside of the country. Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, and America are the most common countries for outsourcing. 

In addition, we have a development office in Dubai to provide accurate and up-to-date information on blockchain development costs.

When outsourcing software development, you hire a project manager and a tester who work remotely. They have a neat code and rates that are half as high as those in the U.S. For example, in Dubai, the average hourly rate for a blockchain developer starts at $40.

Our Blockchain Portfolio

Crypto Art Shop

A crypto art shop is an online marketplace where digital artists showcase and sell their unique artworks as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), leveraging blockchain technology to authenticate and secure ownership.


    1. Intelligent Conversational Agents
    2. Seamless Customer Engagement
    3. Automated Support Solutions
    4. Natural Language Processing Mastery
    5. Cutting-edge AI Innovation

NFT Marketplace

An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) marketplace is a digital platform where unique digital assets, represented by NFTs, are bought, sold, and traded. These assets can include digital art, music, videos, virtual real estate, and other forms of digital content, with ownership verified through blockchain technology.


  1. Digital asset trading platform
  2. Unique tokenized collectibles
  3. Blockchain-verified ownership
  4. Decentralized digital marketplace
  5. NFTs for art, music, etc.

Bitcoin wallet

A Bitcoin wallet is a digital tool that allows users to store, receive, and send bitcoins. It securely manages private keys, enabling access to the cryptocurrency on the blockchain.


  • Secure Digital Storage
  • Transaction Facilitation
  • Private Key Management
  • Blockchain Access Tool
  • Cryptocurrency Sending/Receiving

NFT Collectible

NFT collectibles are unique digital assets stored on blockchain, representing ownership of rare and distinct items, often tied to digital art, music, or virtual goods. They utilize non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to establish verifiable scarcity and authenticity in the digital realm.


  • Digital ownership certificates
  • Unique blockchain tokens
  • Verifiable scarcity
  • Digital art marketplace
  • Decentralized asset authentication

How Much Does the Creation of a Cryptocurrency Cost?

With over 2000 different cryptocurrencies available today, creating a token that stands out from the crowd is difficult. 

People are still skeptical of the new form of money because they believe the crypto industry is riddled with scams. 

In this manner, it takes significant time and effort to persuade the community that the new crypto coin is a worthwhile investment. 

We will briefly describe the entire cryptocurrency creation process and provide overall estimates. (How Much Does It Cost to Build a Crypto Wallet App in 2022). 

Several Factors Must be Considered:

– Locate an expert team.
– Create and market the crypto-coin
– Legalize the coin

The expert team is critical. To successfully put a coin on the market, you will need a few marketing experts, software developers, cybersecurity experts, public relations managers, etc. These individuals will assist you in locating investors to lend credibility to the project.

In addition, finding a cryptocurrency advisor to help you navigate the market is also necessary. Finally, communication with your target audience is also essential. You must understand how to promote new cryptocurrency profitably. 

As a result, it is critical to cater to your audience’s needs, communicate your main benefits, demonstrate your competitive edge, and so on. This is why you require a marketing advisor to plan your marketing activities.

Once the marketing strategy has been developed, you can create the blockchain network. It will take about a month for developers to build the network from the ground up using C++, Java, Python, Solidity, or any other technology. Depending on various technical factors, it will cost between $15,000 and $50,000.

Another critical stage is determining how to make your cryptocurrency legal. Even the most well-known cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, are currently subject to stringent regulation worldwide. 

Because of this, every blockchain product needs to have a legal advisor. Lastly, you will need between $130,000 and $180,000, not including marketing costs, to make a new cryptocurrency.

How Much Does a Crypto Wallet Cost?

Another question that comes up often is, “How much does it cost to make a crypto wallet?” A cryptocurrency wallet is a digital application (similar to a physical wallet) used to store, send, and receive digital currencies securely. 

Most cryptocurrencies have official wallet apps or a few third-party wallets that are recommended. In other words, you need a cryptocurrency wallet before using any cryptocurrency.

Let's Talk About the Cost of Developing a Custom Crypto Wallet

Typically, the application is developed for three apps: Android, iOS, and Web. You can reduce development costs using cross-app technologies such as JavaScript and its frameworks (ReactJS, React Native, or Vue). Nonetheless, there is a substantial amount of work that must be completed.

Thus, we must create on both the client and server sides to enable mobile devices utilizing the REST API (CoinAPI, for example). Another possibility is to create a stand-alone application. Each method has advantages and disadvantages.

To complete this task successfully, you’ll need a team of experts consisting of multiple senior developers, a project manager, a business analyst, and a quality assurance engineer.

Developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for a cryptocurrency wallet that supports the three major cryptocurrencies will earn you close to $30,000. (Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum).

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In 2023, the Benefits of Blockchain App Development

High-Level Security

Blockchain technology (Blockchain Technology – Complete Guide) is the most secure solution for mobile app development. Blockchain-enabled banking or investment apps function as firewalls for user transactions and other sensitive banking data. 

They protect data access, illegal transactions, and currency exchange functions in an intelligent, innovative, and secure manner.

Transparent App

Blockchain app development transparentizes the banking process and fosters a positive relationship between users and service providers.

Because they use a centralized distributed ledger, Blockchain-based Android or iOS apps will send users instant privacy alerts after each action is completed. 

Furthermore, Blockchain-powered investment apps inform users about the best investment options or currency exchanges at the best interest rate.

Simple Data Access

Another significant advantage of Blockchain App Development. Through cloud-based Blockchain apps, users can access their accounts and data anytime and from any location.

As a result, banks and insurance companies are investing in Blockchain Development and providing their customers with greater flexibility to improve brand visibility across global markets.

Rapid Service Delivery

Blockchain apps for iOS and Android help businesses process transactions more quickly and easily. They are also increasingly being used to automate the process of loan lending and EMI calculation. 

This automated and secure process will save users time while keeping the brand name at the top of the digital world.

Lowers Operational Costs

It is one of the most significant benefits of Blockchain development for businesses. Companies can profit from a single investment in highly secure Blockchain solutions. 

In addition, users do not need to pay any additional third-party payments to external parties because Blockchain technology is a decentralized solution.

For example, Blockchain-powered investment apps allow users to buy or sell stocks, ETFs, or options with no commission.

Fraud Avoidance

Blockchain-enabled mobile apps can detect fraudulent activity and prevent unauthorized user data access. These advantages of implementing a Blockchain solution will demonstrate how Blockchain development changes how you provide services to your customers.

Blockchain Development Company

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What is the Cost of Commercial Blockchain Development?

Blockchain technology has evolved in recent years. It has progressed from a clumsy tool for crypto enthusiasts to a scalable decentralized app for industry-specific applications. Small startups and large corporations such as Kodak now use these blockchain-based applications.

According to Forbes, Blockchain Applications Can be Used in a Variety of Industries:

– Information Security
– Medical Care
– Fabrication
– Legal and Political
– Generosity
– Retailing
– Property Management
– Travel and Tourism
– Media
– as well as Numerous others

This fact demonstrates that blockchain is capable of facilitating virtually all sectors and assisting us in more effectively delivering and storing data. But what exactly can we create, and how much does blockchain implementation cost? 

Unfortunately, we’re sorry we can’t give you a clear answer. Because blockchain is a feature-dependent technology, the final price will vary depending on the project requirements. $4,000 to $180,000 is what it costs to make a blockchain app.


Even though it was created in 2008, blockchain has only recently become known as a separate technology from Bitcoin. As a result, only a few commercial firms with extensive experience can provide you with accurate blockchain development estimates.

Furthermore, the cost of implementing blockchain may vary significantly due to a variety of features and factors, such as:

The application’s industry, the project’s complexity;
What kind of app are you looking for?
The cost of third-party tools used; the cost of the people involved.
The prices described are only average market estimates.

So, if you want to know the exact cost of your project or idea, please get in touch with us with the details. We will provide you with free estimates.

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