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How much does it cost to Develop a Ticket Selling like Ticket Swap?

Developing a ticket booking app can do wonders for your business. Yes, you guessed it right. If the mobile app development process is done correctly, developing a ticket booking app like BookMyShow can be an investment that yields high results.


The company was launched in 2007, and BookMyShow is now India’s largest online ticket and movie reservation company. Initially, it was a film booking site, but it has now expanded to a wide range of events that can be booked nationwide. The app is accessible in more than 350 cities across four countries. Over 50 million downloads of the app have been recorded to date. It has formed agreements with the biggest cinema houses to offer tickets.

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Business Model of On-demand ticketing platform like Bookmyshow

  • Commissions on ticket booking. You can charge a commission on the ticket booking from the consumers. This is a different model than the international practice because cinema theatres have greater negotiating power.
  • Advertising. Despite getting heavy traffic on a demand ticket booking platform, mind well, not all of this traffic will result in booked tickets. Hence, you will need to use an advertising model to generate revenues.
  • Event Management Revenues. The ticket booking marketplace often also provides event management services to events of a specific scale by partnering with them on a fixed or per-ticket sale basis.
  • Exclusive Merchandise Distribution. Some players also partner with brands to help them sell exclusive merchandise on the marketplace. For instance, if it is a music fest, you can help the event manager sell exclusive t-shirts, masks, wigs and everything else a fan would like to carry. The revenue comes in the form of commission per sale.



This function shows the user events or movies according to their preferences like location, timing, ratings, etc.

Event Listing

The screen would contain a list of all the events and movies happening or showing in a particular city or state.

Details of Event

For all the individual events, there would be screens containing the event details, the ticket price, terms and conditions, etc.


This is the section of the event page where users can rate the event after attending it. This is also where they can see what people talk about at the event.

E-Ticket and M-Ticket

Every event planning and ticket booking app allows users to enter their mobile numbers and email addresses, and the ticket gets sent automatically after purchasing it.

Download Ticket

In addition to automatically generating tickets in the face of SMS and emails, users can download the ticket for a much quicker find.


This feature lets users quickly locate the venue and see the distance between their current location and the

Booking History

With this feature, users can view the history of their bookings from inside their application.


The menu’s main option enables the users to view and modify their profile details, check whether they want to be sent a notification or not, and also select their preferred ticket type.

Booking Screen

The ticket booking app solution should also factor in a booking screen to help them select a seat.

Tech Stack Required in an Event Planning App

The toolset or tech stack we follow to offer Eventbrite-like app development services includes robust backend tools and an intuitive frontend stack. In addition, we add APIs designed to provide your users with a seamless experience throughout.

Here is the complete technology stack for your event management application.

Content Delivery Network- Cloudflare/Amazon CloudFront

Database Systems – Cassandra, HBase, MongoDB, Postgres

Hosting: Amazon EC2

Cloud Environment – AWS, Google, Azure

Email – Mail Chimp Integration

Push Notifications – Twilio,, Firebase

SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification –Twilio, Nexmo

Payment Services – PayPal, Net banking, Braintree & Stripe, eWallets

Real-time Analytics –Spark, IBM, Cisco, Hadoop, Apache Flink

Map Navigation – Google Maps

UI – BootStrapJS, ReactJS

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How to Develop Booking Apps Like Ticketmaster?

Conduct Market Research:

Who are you targeting: concert-goers, sports fans, theatre enthusiasts, or a combination? Consider factors like age, interest, and spending habits. Conduct market research through surveys, interviews, focus groups, and customer observation. You can get help from AI-powered tools for market research.

Analyse Competitors:

Analyze ticket booking apps in the market. Find what features these apps offer. How do they engage with users? What are their strength and weaknesses? This way, you can avoid making mistakes in your app development process. Make notes of crucial information so you can make all critical points.


Once you have done market research and analyzed competitors, start planning your app development. Draw user flows and brainstorm solutions. It is crucial for a better user experience because this is where real competition lies. You should create a prototype and wireframe to avoid drawbacks in the app.


Creating a user-friendly and visually appealing interface is essential for the app’s success. Focus on keeping the navigation simple for the users. Moreover, it ensures the app’s responsive and seamless design across different devices. Various mobile app development frameworks are used for app designing.


This is the most essential step. Select a frontend framework for design and a backend framework for the app functionalities. You can select programming languages like Swift, c #, or Java for iOS app development. You can choose Kotlin, c++, and Python for Android app development. Some emerging technologies like AR are popularly used in apps. Check out AR Apps 2023 for insights into this type of app.

API Integration:

Identify the external services you want to integrate into your app. Integrate with APIs that provide event data, seat availability, venue details, and payment processing. You have to understand the API documentation provided by the third party. It has information like how to request API and how to handle responses.


Thoroughly test every function and feature of the app before launching it. Check responsiveness and compatibility with various browsers. Identify bugs and issues and fix them before the app goes live. You should follow some app testing techniques so it can be done impeccably.


Prepare your app for the app stores (Google Play and Apple App Store). You must create an app listing, provide app descriptions and screenshots, and set the correct categories. Read the app store guidelines carefully. Avoiding guidelines can lead to app rejection.


Once you have launched the app, begin marketing it. Prepare marketing materials like app icons, promotional images, and more. They should be engaging and communicate your app’s value. Start marketing your app on social media, post daily, and write promotional content.

Continuous Improvement:

Lunching and marketing apps like Ticketmaster are still ongoing. You have to improve the app; it is a continuing process because of changing trends and the demands of the customers. Consider the users’ feedback and optimize the app for a better user experience. You should remove errors and ensure fast navigation from time to time.

Cost to Build Apps Like Ticketmaster

Knowing the estimated cost of an app like Ticketmaster should be the first step in developing an app. It helps you decide your budget. When you know your budget, you consider your app’s features, designs, and functions accordingly.

  • Simple app development cost- $5000-$10000
  • Medium app development cost- $10000-$30000
  • Complex app development cost- $30000+

Hiring a US app developer costs $105,000/annum. In contrast, Indian developers are more affordable than those in the USA. An Indian developer charges only $20/hour for app development.

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Here are the key factors that affect the app development cost:

1 . Business analysis cost- $500-$2000

2.  UI/UX development cost- $2000-$4000

3. Project management- $2000-$4000

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If you are developing an online ticket reservation application, it is essential to understand the factors that affect the development cost. If you’re looking to build an online ticket booking application that works on only one platform, the cost could range between $10k and $30k.

To support multiple platforms, it is possible to spend as much as $45,000. However, you can consult with experts at top mobile app development companies like PerfectionGeeks Technologies to determine the cost of developing parallel development of apps in the BookMyShow style.


 An event management application can manage various aspects of a particular event, from handling online registration to creating an attendees list. To grow the user base, the event planning apps should also offer users a free trial period that would include a few freemium features in exchange for their email addresses.

The event ticket booking app should also incorporate a calendar feature that allows users to create a calendar event for the same. It is also crucial for such event management mobile apps to offer various tools and templates for users who have little or no experience in handling event management applications.

The event planner app development process usually takes 12 to 14 weeks to build. However, it all depends on the complexity of your application. If you require highly customized designs with advanced features and high-end release platforms, creating a fully scalable and customizable event management application would take a bit longer. This also influences the overall event management app development cost.

 An event and conference management app faces various risks related to users’ safety, payment transactions, management of personal information, and other legal and logistical challenges when handling events on a large scale. Therefore, it is crucial to have strong authentication and an end-to-end secured mechanism to ensure the users’ safety. You also need to implement a robust security protocol and fraud prevention mechanism in your event management app so that the users can make secured payments through online gateways.

  1. Event management applications have notable benefits. Here are some of them:
  • An event ticket booking app helps you boost your business’s online ticket sales. 
  • An event organizer app helps you to keep your team organized and avoid miscommunication. 
  • The app also enables you to schedule numerous occasions with ease. 
  • It also allows users to book events, movies, and shows conveniently.

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