What is the Difference Between ICO and IDO?


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Here you can explore the Difference Between ICO and IDO, highlighting their purpose, structure, and benefits.

What Is ICO?

Initial coin offerings, commonly known as ICO, are a well-known method in terms of raising funds for products as well as services. 

Furthermore, a number of ICOs have submitted huge returns for investors. Moreover, ICOs are an immensely popular method to increase money in the world of crypto (Top 8 Ways To Identify A Genuine ICO Scam and Fake Cryptocurrency).

Advantages Of ICO

Some of the advantages of ICO which makes it morevaluable as well as popular, are as follows:

  1. ICO provides excessive possible profits. For instance, if individual purchases earlier then ICOs give tokens at discounted rates.
  2. ICOs are accessible to anyone.
  3. ICOs are fast in nature.
  4. ICOs are a systematic method for start-ups in order to increase funds.

Example Of ICO

The best and the most popular example of ICO is Ethereum. It is one of the most profitable smart contract platforms which contains tokens commonly referred to as Ethers. Furthermore, apart form Ethereum, there are some more examples of ICO which includes:

  1. Cardano
  2. Tezos
  3. Dragon Coins

How To Participate In ICO?

To participate in an ICO, an individual needs to follow just the two steps:

  1. Firstly, an individual should have a basic understanding of cryptocurrency wallets as well as exchanges.
  2. Secondly, an individual should be required to buy a digital currency.

How ICOs Are Structured?

ICOs are structured in various ways such as:

1. Fixed Price And Supply

Each token sold in the ICO has a fixed price and therefore the token total supply is also fixed.

2.Fixed Supply And Effective Price

The amount of funds collected in the ICO regulates the whole price of a token; therefore, an ICO can have a fixed supply and an effective.

3.Effective Supply And Fixed Price

A number of ICOs include an effective supply but fixed which implies that the amount of funding received regulates the supply.

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What Is An IDO?

An Initial DEX offering, commonly known as IDO, is a unique type of decentralized crowdfunding platform which is introducing a new way of fundraising in the crypto world. Furthermore, it lets users lock the funds in exchange for new tokens at the time of generation of tokens.

Advantages Of IDO

Here is the list of advantages of IDO:

1. Open And Fair Fundraising

With the help of the IDO fundraising approach, startups do not require a centralized exchange. Moreover, not only private investors but anyone can participate in IDO.

2.Fast Trading

Another advantage of IDO is that the tokens can be traded instantly. So, the investors can buy tokens at the time of their launching; therefore, can resell these at higher rates.

3.Instant Liquidity

The term liquidity refers to the potentiality to buy or sell easily on the market. Furthermore, the token receives access to immediate liquidity, which can help the token price.

4.Lower Costs

The fees are not high; therefore, there are zero issues while listing the tokens as there is no involvement of the central authority.

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How To Participate In IDO?

In order to participate in IDO, the first thing that an individual has to do is to win a white list spot on a launchpad for decentralized exchange offerings. 

Furthermore as to win a white list spot, an individual has to select the launchpad as well as should have the required number of tokens. Moreover, the more tokens, the more entries will be there and hence an individual can win.

Tips To Stay Safe In An IDO

  1. Tips To Stay Safe In An IDO
  2. Utilization Of the Right Link To subscribe to the IDO. 3. Usage of trusted DEX launchpad.
  3. Investigation of the project in which an individual is investing. 5. inspection of the IDO terms and conditions.
  4. Investment should be done only for what can afford to lose.

The Main Difference Between ICO and IDO


  • ICO

It is a part of the total token supply which is sold to the public independently

  • IDO

It is a part of the total token supply which is sold to the public through a decentralized exchange launchpad.


  • ICO

The project issuing the ICO.

  • IDO

IDO Launchpad.


  • ICO

The token is not available immediately, so the investors have to wait until the exchange listing.

  • IDO

The tokens are made immediately.


  • ICO

Managed by the project issuing ICO.

  • IDO

Managed by the project issuing IDO.

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