Why did Flipkart Choose Polygon to Launch the Metaverse?


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Why did Flipkart choose Polygon to launch the Metaverse

Flipkart Metaverse: On the 2nd of December (IANS), Flipkart and Polygon, which is a blockchain platform based on Ethereum, announced their intentions to construct a center of excellence (CoE) in India.

This would make it possible to learn more about and build Web3 and metaverse commerce use cases.

At this point, both the making and the use of decentralized technologies are in their early stages.

How will this Partnership have an Impact?

In a joint statement, the companies talked about how everyone can use Web 3.

The CTO of the e-commerce site Flipkart, Jeyandran Venugopal, said, “Flipkart joins Polygon to launch the metaverse.”

We’re happy to work with Polygon to show our users the advantages of Web3, Metaverse commerce, and Web3 in general.

Through the partnership with Polygon, Flipkart is invited to join a lively community of other projects that use the same platform.

Polygon has become the platform of choice for a number of important Web3 projects, like OpenSea and Aave, as well as companies like Starbucks, Stripe, and Meta.

This is because Polygon has low network costs, fast transaction speeds, and no environmental impact.

Flipkart Labs was started this year with the goal of coming up with new ideas that could change the way people shop online in India.

In particular, Flipkart Labs has been looking at non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Virtual immersive stores, and other uses of blockchain technology in Web3 and metaverse commerce.

Flipkart Created FireDrops

A clear NFT platform that refocuses the value of NFTs on essential services and gives businesses the freedom to try out different city-building activities

Flipkart and eDAO worked together to make Flipverse, a metaverse shopping mall.

It came out just in time for the Christmas shopping season.

Sandeep Nailwal, who helped start Polygon, has said that getting the next billion customers to use Web3 is very important to the company’s success.

The two companies will work together to “drive R&D at the point where Web3 and experiential retail meet,” he says.

We think that the Blockchain-eCommerce Center of Excellence will be a major factor in the growth of online business over the next few years.

Flipkart's Metaverse Move: Polygon Partnership Revealed!

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Flipkart Brings the Flipverse Shopping Experience to the World

Flipkart, an online store, has created Flipverse, a Flipkart metaverse shopping environment, just for Android users.

Several companies have teamed up with Flipkart metaverse technology to make this kind of web-based shopping possible.

Puma makes shoes and sportswear, Noise is a fashion brand, Nivea makes cosmetics, Lavie makes handbags, and TVS makes motorcycles.

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What kinds of Activities are Available on Flipkart's Flipverse?

Shop in a photorealistic virtual shopping experience that is created in 3D.

In a world of virtual shopping, you may “talk” with the stores and restaurants you like most by using an avatar that you have customized.

Take part in contests hosted by brands.

Get access to exclusive discounts.

NFTs may be exchanged for other digital assets. Amass supercoins.

How You can Join the Flipverse

1. Firedrops by Flipkart is a virtual world that you can explore by opening the app on a computer and clicking “Enter Flipverse.”

2. Please use your mobile device to read the QR code.

3. At this point, the FireDrops app would start up.

4. Go to Flipverse, make a profile, and give yourself a name and a picture.

5. Now you’re in the Flipverse.

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Brand Lists that can be Bought in the Flipverse

Several companies have teamed up with Flipkart virtual shopping to make this kind of web-based shopping possible.

Puma makes shoes and sportswear, Noise is a fashion brand, Nivea makes cosmetics, Lavie makes handbags, and TVS makes motorcycles.

There are also vendors like Campus, VIP, Himalaya, Ajmal Perfumes, Butterfly India, and Tokyo Talkies.

Taking a Look at the Flipverse

We thought the product could use some improvement in terms of its user interface and overall functionality.

Flipverse only works with Android phones right now.

So iPhone users who want to shop in the metaverse will have to look elsewhere.

Mobile devices take too long to load, which also hurts the user experience.

As a whole, the metaverse isn’t very immersive, and if we’re going to have a metaverse, we’d like it to be more immersive than it is now.

We found that Flipkart using technology in Flipverse is an interesting experiment with a lot of room for growth.

When compared to the high-end metaverse shopping experiences offered by companies like Gucci, Coca-Cola, and Zara.

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