Case Study

Fitbar - Transforming Healthy Dining Experiences with Customised Odoo POS


Fitbar faced challenges in managing order processing, inventory, and compliance with government standards for ingredient expiration and scrapping. The existing processes were manual and time-consuming, impacting the efficiency of the restaurant’s operations. Fitbar needed a solution that not only streamlined their processes but also ensured compliance with stringent Italian standards.

Order Processing and Inventory Integration

The Odoo POS system was customised to seamlessly take orders and deduct the required ingredients from inventory in real-time, ensuring accurate tracking and preventing stockouts.

Compliance Management

Government standards for ingredient expiration and scrapping were integrated into the system, automating compliance checks and minimising the risk of serving outdated ingredients.

Fiscal Printer Integration

Odoo was seamlessly connected to a fiscal printer, simplifying the printing of receipts and ensuring compliance with Italian fiscal regulations.

Odoo Solutions Implemented

SDLC Corp, leveraging its deep understanding of Odoo and expertise in customization, implemented a customised Odoo POS solution for Fitbar.

Key features included:

Outcomes and Benefits:

The tailored Odoo POS implementation brought about significant improvements for Fitbar:

Efficient Order Processing

Orders were processed swiftly, reducing wait times and enhancing the overall dining experience.

Inventory Accuracy

Real-time deduction of ingredients from inventory improved stock management and minimized wastage.

Regulatory Compliance

Fitbar met and exceeded government standards for ingredient expiration and scrapping, ensuring adherence to food safety regulations.

Fiscal Compliance

The integration with a fiscal printer simplified financial transactions and ensured compliance with Italian fiscal requirements.


Fitbar experienced a remarkable transformation in its operations. The customized Odoo POS not only addressed operational challenges but also positioned Fitbar as a leader in providing healthy dining experiences while adhering to regulatory standards.

Client Testimonial:

“SDLC Corp’s expertise in customizing Odoo for our restaurant chain was invaluable. The seamless integration of the POS system not only enhanced our operational efficiency but also ensured compliance with strict Italian regulations. We’re now able to focus on what we do best – serving healthy and delicious cuisine.”


The Fitbar project exemplifies the successful synergy between Fitbar’s vision for healthy dining and SDLC Corp’s prowess in Odoo customization. The tailored Odoo POS system not only streamlined operations but also positioned Fitbar as a flagship for innovative and compliant dining experiences.