Cloud Transformation Services

With our selection of cloud solutions (Cloud Transformation Services) that are secure and reliable, the transition can be hastened. 

In addition, we implement tried-and-true approaches to plan, develop, migrate, protect, manage, and optimize the infrastructure that supports your mission-critical business applications, allowing you to harness the potential of the cloud to boost organizational agility and productivity.

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Cloud Transformation Services

Are you using the cloud to help your business development but not making the most of your investments?

We have the knowledge, infrastructure, tools, and processes to help you get to the desired future state no matter where you are in your cloud journey.

Hybrid Cloud Migration Assessment, Cloud Foundation Services, Cloud Adoption Services, Cloud Migration Services, and Cloud Training are just a few of our cloud transformation services.

They are made to direct you to the best environment for your particular needs on the cloud.

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Cloud Services

By leveraging on-demand public, private, and hybrid cloud platforms, SDLC Corp. assists enterprises with migrating from their old systems to the cloud.

Services for Cloud Migration

Migrations to the cloud are complex processes that have a variety of solutions.

With cutting-edge tools and our experience with sizable cloud migrations, SDLC thoroughly assesses your current IT landscape and creates a detailed plan for your cloud trip.

We guarantee the quick and successful migration of applications, data, virtual machines, and more to your chosen cloud environment with the least disruption to company operations by utilizing our evaluation and roadmap. In addition, we rely on our tested cloud migration factory to deliver large-scale migration using automated technologies.

This allows us to drastically cut the time necessary to migrate and secure any migration endeavor.

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Adaptive Cloud Transformation

The advent of cloud computing has significantly altered how businesses create software. 

With the introduction of container-based environments, enterprises are utilizing cloud-native technologies to develop and run cloud-based apps. 

Furthermore, using DevOps, these technologies are also being used to quickly deploy microservices and guarantee continuous innovation and delivery. 

To remain competitive in the market, SDLC Corp assists businesses in making sense of cloud-native technologies.

Managed Services In the Cloud

Cloud management is improved via SDLC. We are the next-generation Managed Services Provider (MSP) that assists businesses with designing, migrating, operating, managing, and optimizing cloud-based apps, infrastructure, and data. We offer complete managed cloud services, cloud operations design, tried-and-true target operating models, and best-in-class solutions for cost reduction and security enhancement.

SaaS Cloud

Utilize SDLC-developed applications or top third-party applications to seize possibilities to spur growth and innovation.

Our solutions have been developed with the understanding that cloud computing is about more than just lowering costs and improving performance; it’s also about finding new ways to work, gaining insight from data, and fostering collaboration and innovation.

Cloud Analytics and Data

New features, improved performance, and increased scale at a lower cost are made possible by cloud-native data and analytics.

Using cloud-native data and analytical services provided by AWS, GCP, Azure, and Snowflake, we assist in developing EDW, data lakes, and analytical platforms.

We work with all top cloud platforms to develop data ingestion, dependable data pipelines, data warehouses, data lakes, and advanced analytics by utilizing CSPs’ cloud-native data and analytics services.

Additionally, pre-trained AI models (BFS and Healthcare) are available for purchase.

Cloud Safety

As more businesses shift their data, applications, and crucial workloads to the cloud, it is vital to ensure that security standards and compliances are in place.

With a landscape of cyber threats that are constantly changing, SDLC assists businesses in operating securely on the cloud.

SDLC provides services for secure migration and operations, end-to-end cloud security evaluations, and security management for apps, data, and APIs.

Business Benefits

Reduce Market time

Increases flexibility and lowers operational risk, allowing for quicker decision-making.

Increasing business agility

Deliver data-enabled solutions using cloud services, AI, ML, and other cognitive technologies to gain a competitive edge.

Scalable Construction

minimal service interruption and faultless design and implementation forgiving architecture

Improve ROI

Consolidate and modernize business applications, IT infrastructure, and procedures for 30% annual cost savings.

Proven Background

Internationally recognized expertise in utilizing the best cloud platform features while assuring increased security and agility.

With no downtime

Offer best-in-class cloud services with minimal downtime and support around the clock.

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Learn how to use the AWS & Azure professionals at SDLC to lay the groundwork for your success in the cloud.

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