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How does document Processing works?

Multiple Sources Inputs Document

Document processing involves the efficient extraction of relevant information from various sources, ensuring accurate capture and digitization of data for further analysis and utilization.

Extraction & Processing

Document processing involves the efficient extraction of relevant information from various sources, ensuring accurate capture and digitization of data for further analysis and utilization.

Verify & Synchronize

Verification ensures the accuracy of automated invoice data, validating key information against predefined criteria. Synchronization then seamlessly integrates verified data into the financial system, fostering efficient and error-free automated invoice processing.

Document Type Suported

Bank Statement

Bill of Lading


Insurance Document


Bank Statement

Bill of landing


Insurance Document


What is Automated Document Processing?

Document processing automation is the process of streamlining and automating the document processing workflow. Document automation streamlines the accounts payable processes by automatically paying supplier invoices. 

Document processing workflow includes steps like extraction of document data, entering the data into the ERP/CRM system, and reviewing and approving invoices automatically based on preset rules.

Most invoicing platforms can directly integrate with ERP platforms, which helps increase the timeliness and accuracy of payments. 

Features of document Processing software

Smart Document Capture

Utilize advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology to intelligently extract relevant information from invoices, including vendor details, invoice amounts, and line items. 

Automated Data Validation

Employ machine learning algorithms to cross-verify extracted data against predefined rules and historical patterns, minimizing errors and ensuring compliance. Intelligent validation mechanisms flag discrepancies and prompt corrective actions, enhancing data accuracy.

Integration with Accounting Systems

Seamlessly integrate with popular accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, enabling synchronized data flow. This feature enhances collaboration between finance and accounting teams, reducing manual data entry and promoting real-time updates across platforms.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Leverage data analytics to gain valuable insights into spending patterns, vendor performance, and invoice processing efficiency. Generate comprehensive reports and dashboards that empower decision-makers with the information needed to optimize financial strategies and identify areas for improvement.

Benefits of Document Processing Automation Software

Eliminate Manual Work

It eliminates tedious manual tasks, accelerating workflows and reducing errors, ensuring faster and more accurate document handling.

One-click Document Approvals

The software facilitates seamless approval processes with one-click approvals, and reducing delays in authorizing documents.

Improved Efficiency

By automating document processing, the software enhances overall efficiency, enabling quick and streamlined operations, ultimately saving time and resources .

Comprehensive Insights

This software offers analytics and reporting functionalities, empowering organizations to gain valuable data-driven insights into document lifecycles.

Document cognitive Capture

Due to recent advancements in artificial intelligence and the reduced expenses associated with computing, the document OCR solution utilizes state-of-the-art technology to extract data, regardless of its formatting. Consequently, the need to establish rigid rules for data capture is eliminated, resulting in a considerably streamlined process.

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AI Invoice Processing Automation Software Workflow

Invoice Capture

The AI solution scans the physical or digital invoices. All you have to do is upload the invoice, and the software automatically converts the data into machine-readable format.

Data Validation

Post extraction, the AI validates the data by matching it with the purchase order details in the system. This step ensures that there is no discrepancy between the invoice and the order details.

Payment Processing

Once approved, the solution forwards it for payments based on the invoice terms and business rules, helping avoid late fees and maintaining good relationships with vendors.

Data Extraction

Once the invoice data is captured, the AI uses ML and NLP to extract relevant information such as invoice number, vendor details, date, total amount, line item details, etc.

Route for Approval

After data validation and error correction, the software routes the invoice to the relevant person or team for approval. This step helps in maintaining control and transparency in the process.

Why choose us for Document processing Automation?

Enhanced Efficiency

Our Invoice Processing Automation solution interfaces effortlessly with your existing systems, eliminating human data entry and shortening processing times. We empower your staff to focus on higher-value activities by automating boring operations, increasing overall productivity and efficiency.

Error-Free Accuracy

We ensure precise data extraction, verification, and matching for each invoice using cutting-edge technology. You may be confident that your financial records are always up to date and compliant since human error is minimised and accuracy is increased. Say goodbye to costly errors and hello to peace of mind.

Cost Savings

Our Invoice Processing Automation system optimises your invoice management operations, saving you money. You may allocate resources to other key areas of your organisation by decreasing labour expenses associated with manual processing, minimising late payment penalties, and improving cash flow management.

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“Implementing SDLC Corp’s AI Invoice Processing Automation Software has been a game-changer for our finance team. The accuracy of data extraction is remarkable, reducing errors and ensuring seamless integration with our ERP system. The customizable workflows have streamlined our approval processes, providing real-time visibility into our financial operations.”


1 years ago

John Markson

CEO, Dkart Pharm

224 Reviews

“We chose SDLC Corp’s AI Invoice Processing Software to address the challenges of manual invoice processing. The implementation was smooth, and the software’s adaptability allowed us to tailor it to our unique requirements. The automated validation and approval routing have not only eliminated bottlenecks but have also improved the overall accuracy of our financial data.


4 months ago

Richelle Ryan

General Manager, Blink

224 Reviews

Partnering with Sdlc Corp for our NFT marketplace development was a grateful decision. Their transparent communication, efficient project management, and ability to deliver high-quality results were evident from day one. They kept us updated throughout the development process, ensuring that our requirements were met with precision. 


7 months ago

Akansh Jaiswal

CEO, Varc International

224 Reviews

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Frequently asked questions

   Document processing involves the systematic handling and verification of invoices received by a company. The process typically includes the following steps:

   – Receipt: Documents are received from suppliers or vendors.

   – Verification: Documents are checked for accuracy, ensuring they match the corresponding purchase orders or contracts.

   – Approval: Documents go through an approval process, often involving multiple stakeholders or departments.

   – Recording: Approved documents are recorded in the company’s accounting system for payment.

   – Payment: Payments are made to suppliers based on the recorded and approved documents or invoices.

document processing refers to the series of steps a company takes to handle and manage incoming documents. This encompasses tasks such as receiving, validating, approving, recording, and ultimately paying invoices. Efficient document processing is crucial for accurate financial management, cost control, and maintaining positive relationships with suppliers.

There are various advantages to using document processing automation software, including enhanced efficiency, decreased errors, faster processing times, improved visibility into the invoice lifecycle, and better compliance with financial regulations. It eliminates human data entry, reduces the possibility of duplicate payments, and improves cash flow management.

 – document Scanning and Data Capture:Utilize software to automatically extract relevant data from paper or electronic invoices, reducing manual data entry.

   – Workflow Automation: Implement workflow automation tools to route invoices through the approval process, ensuring a seamless and timely review by relevant stakeholders.

   – Integration with ERP Systems: Integrate invoice processing software with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for real-time data synchronization and accurate financial reporting.

   – Electronic Invoicing (e-Invoicing): Encourage or require suppliers to submit electronic invoices, facilitating faster processing and reducing the likelihood of errors.

   – Machine Learning and AI: Employ advanced technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance accuracy, identify anomalies, and continuously improve the efficiency of the invoice processing system.

   – Digital Approval Workflows: Implement digital approval workflows to reduce the time and effort required for manual approval processes.

   – Supplier Portals: Establish online portals where suppliers can submit and track invoices, fostering transparency and collaboration.

Yes, credible document processing automation software suppliers place a premium on security and compliance. They use strong security measures to safeguard sensitive financial data and follow industry standards and regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA. Access restrictions, encryption, and audit trails are also routinely used to maintain data integrity and privacy.

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