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What is Automated Invoice Processing?

Invoice processing automation is the process of pulling invoices from your business systems to your ERP so that you can pay your invoices easily (almost) immediately. To utilize this automation, you need the right invoicing and accounting automation software to pay the sent invoices and make the payment process efficient. The digital invoice is a pivotal component of business automation. Technology is reshaping business processes, and this includes managing invoices when they arrive in the mail. Companies can streamline the payment process by leveraging invoicing and accounting automation software. Automatic invoices move through your workflow faster than manual ones. AP Automation encompasses all the critical tasks a financial institution must perform, using computers to execute them. Whether comparing prices, placing orders, or entering data, smart automation solutions can manage these tasks efficiently


Invoice cognitive Capture

Due to recent advancements in artificial intelligence and the reduced expenses associated with computing, the invoice OCR solution utilizes state-of-the-art technology to extract invoice data, regardless of its formatting. Consequently, the need to establish rigid rules for data capture is eliminated, resulting in a considerably streamlined process.

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Features of Invoice Processing Automation Software

Document Parsing

Upload via Email or Manual Submission

Processing Documents

Transforming Visuals into Text

Data Extraction

Example: Extracting Date, Name, and Line Items

Automated Invoice Matching

Two/Three-Way Matching: Purchase Order, Invoice, and Goods Receipt Note (GRN)

Automate Workflows

Automating Approval Routing

Automating Payments and Follow-Ups

Automated Payment Reminders

Exporting to Destination System

Target System with Comprehensive Audit Trail

Seamless Integration with ERP Systems

Integration with SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, and More

Benefits of Invoice Processing Automation Software

Invoice Processing Automation

Eliminate Manual Work

You can reduce your workload by 80% by eliminating manual processing and data entry. Utilizing automation software for accounts payable streamlines tasks, minimizing errors and allowing you to dedicate more time to business growth and profitability.
Invoice Processing Automation

Enhanced Procure-to-Pay Transparency

Enhance transparency and accountability within your organization by accessing AP documents and communications online. This grants you an easy review of invoice statuses and provides real-time insights into data.
Invoice Processing Automation

Accurate Back-Costing

Gain immediate access to historical invoicing and back costing information. Strengthen your supplier price negotiations and ensure accurate quoting for future projects with our invoicing software.
Invoice Processing Automation

Instant Price Checking

Before approving an invoice, verify the pricing against the agreed supplier rates. In the event of pricing discrepancies, automatic credits will be generated and sent to suppliers.
Invoice Processing Automation

One-click Invoice Approvals

Effortlessly approve hundreds of payable invoices in seconds by automatically matching them to purchase orders. With just a click of a button, load your payment data into your financial software.
Invoice Processing Automation

Comprehensive Insights

View all pending invoices for approval categorized by project, supplier, and approver on your dedicated dashboard. Communicate directly with approvers to ensure invoices are paid on time.

Our invoice processing automation workflow

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Design & Analysis

Analyse client requirements and create a customised solution for automating invoice processing while keeping existing procedures and goals in mind.



Testing and development

Create the automation system with advanced technologies and coding scripts, then integrate it with the client’s infrastructure. Perform comprehensive accuracy and reliability testing.

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Blockchain Development Company​

Integration and Deployment

Install the automation solution, connect it smoothly with the client’s systems, provide user training, and set up monitoring measures to ensure a smooth transition and little disruption.



Support and Optimisation

Provide ongoing support and maintenance, as well as respond to user inquiries. Optimise the system on a continuous basis based on feedback and data analysis to improve efficiency and cost savings in invoice processing.

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Why choose us for invoice processing Automation?


Enhanced Efficiency

Our Invoice Processing Automation solution interfaces effortlessly with your existing systems, eliminating human data entry and shortening processing times. We empower your staff to focus on higher-value activities by automating boring operations, increasing overall productivity and efficiency.
Pricing and Schedules

Error-Free Accuracy

We ensure precise data extraction, verification, and matching for each invoice using cutting-edge technology. You may be confident that your financial records are always up to date and compliant since human error is minimised and accuracy is increased. Say goodbye to costly errors and hello to peace of mind.

Cost Savings

Our Invoice Processing Automation system optimises your invoice management operations, saving you money. You may allocate resources to other key areas of your organisation by decreasing labour expenses associated with manual processing, minimising late payment penalties, and improving cash flow management.

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Say goodbye to manual tasks, eliminate errors, and reclaim valuable time. Transform invoice management with our Automation.

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Frequently asked questions

Invoice processing automation software is a solution that automates and streamlines the handling of invoices in businesses. It extracts data from invoices, validates it, and rapidly processes payments using modern technologies such as optical character recognition (OCR) and machine learning.

Invoice processing automation software scans and digitises invoices, extracting key information such as invoice number, vendor details, line items, and amounts. The data is then validated and matched with purchase orders or contracts using business rules and workflows. Finally, based on established rules, the programme commences the payment process or sends the invoice for approval.

There are various advantages to using invoice processing automation software, including enhanced efficiency, decreased errors, faster processing times, improved visibility into the invoice lifecycle, and better compliance with financial regulations. It eliminates human data entry, reduces the possibility of duplicate payments, and improves cash flow management.

Yes, most invoice processing automation software is designed to work in tandem with existing accounting systems like enterprise resource planning (ERP) or financial management software. This integration provides automatic data transfer, removing the need for human data entry and maintaining accurate and up-to-date financial records.

Yes, credible invoice processing automation software suppliers place a premium on security and compliance. They use strong security measures to safeguard sensitive financial data and follow industry standards and regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA. Access restrictions, encryption, and audit trails are also routinely used to maintain data integrity and privacy.

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