Case Study

NETCOO - Streamlining Collaborative Business Operations and Financial Management with Odoo Implementation


NETCOO faced challenges in managing a collaborative business model that involved diverse financial services and required robust invoicing and accounting solutions. To streamline these processes and enhance overall financial management, NETCOO collaborated with SDLC Corp for an Odoo implementation.

Invoicing Management

Odoo was customized to efficiently manage the invoicing process within NETCOO’s collaborative network, ensuring accuracy and timeliness.

Accounting Integration

Odoo seamlessly integrated accounting processes, providing a centralized platform for NETCOO to manage financial transactions and reporting.

Odoo Solutions Implemented

SDLC Corp expanded the Odoo implementation to include comprehensive invoicing and accounting solutions for NETCOO:

NETCOO Platform Features:

End-to-End Financial Management:

Odoo became the central hub for NETCOO’s financial processes, from invoicing to accounting, providing a unified and efficient system.

Real-Time Financial Insights

The integrated accounting solution offered real-time insights into financial data, empowering NETCOO to make informed business decisions.

Outcomes and Benefits:

The introduction of Cassaplus brought tangible benefits for shop owners:

Efficient Invoicing Processes

Invoicing was streamlined, reducing errors and ensuring timely transactions.

Integrated Accounting

NETCOO benefited from a unified accounting system, improving accuracy and providing real-time financial insights.

Comprehensive Financial Reporting

Odoo’s reporting capabilities enhanced NETCOO’s ability to generate comprehensive financial reports.


The collaborative effort between NETCOO and SDLC Corp resulted in a holistic Odoo implementation, transforming internal operations and financial management. The platform became a cornerstone for managing CRM opportunities, sales, invoicing, and accounting within NETCOO’s innovative business model.

Client Testimonial:

“The expansion of Odoo to include invoicing and accounting has been a pivotal move for NETCOO. The platform’s seamless integration has not only streamlined our financial processes but has also provided real-time insights that are invaluable in our collaborative business model.”


The NETCOO project showcases the successful integration of Odoo for comprehensive business and financial management. By extending the platform to include invoicing and accounting, NETCOO has optimized its operations, providing a robust foundation for its collaborative business network.
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