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How Can You Create Your Own Blockchain Network?

How Can You Create Your Own Blockchain Network?
How Can You Create Your Own Blockchain Network?

How Can You Create Your Own Blockchain Network?


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What Is A Blockchain?

A blockchain is an allocated database that is divided between the nodes of a computer network. Furthermore, a blockchain stores the information electronically in digital format.

Aim Of Blockchain

The main aim of blockchain is to allow digital information to be recorded as well as distributed. Furthermore, blockchain is the foundation for records of transactions that cannot be deleted.

Benefits Of Blockchain

Here are the advantages or benefits of blockchain:

  1. Improved Accuracy

On a blockchain network, the transactions are accepted by a network of thousands of computers which helps in removing human involvement in the process of verification.

  1. Cost Reductions

The customers pay the bank for the verification process. Furthermore, blockchain removes third-party and, therefore, deletes associated costs with it.


  1. Decentralization

A blockchain is copied and spread across various networks. Moreover, if any new blockchain is updated then every computer updates its blockchain in terms of reflecting the change.

  1. Secure Transactions

 The originality must be verified y the network of blockchain after the completion of the recording of the transactions.

  1. Transparent Technology

A blockchain is transparent in nature, which means there is no interference from the central authority.

How Many Blockchains Are There?

Blockchains are increasing day by day. Moreover, there are more than 10,000 active cryptocurrencies based on the blockchain along with a hundred non-crypto currencies.

Future Of Blockchain

Blockchain provides a broad range of applications in numerous industries. Some of the applications that are already in use include  smart contracts, supply chain analysis, etc. A large number of kinds of reports state that the blockchain is the fastest-growing skill on the platform. Furthermore, Blockchain developers are required equally everywhere that is from corporate firms to industrial banks as it offers high-level security.


How Can You Create Your Own Blockchain Network?

There are certain steps that have to be followed in order to create a blockchain. The steps are:

  1. Identify A Suitable Use Case

There are three things that blockchain can do perfectly and these three things are :

(a.) Data Authentication & Verification.

(b.) Smart Asset Allocation.

(c.) Smart Contracts.

  1. Identify Most Suitable Agreement Process

The genuine blockchain uses work of proof as a procedure of agreement.

  1.  Choose Appropriate Platform

You have to choose the platform in which you want to create your blockchain network. Furthermore, you need to choose the best platforms which suit your needs and budget. Moreover, some of the most popular platforms are as follows:

(a.) BigChain DB

(b.) Chain Core

(c.) Corda

(d.) Credits

(e.) Ethereum

  1. Designing The Nodes

Blockchains solutions can be public or private as well as hybrid. You need to select according to your suitability. Apart from this, you also need to design the operating system of the nodes.

  1. Design The Blockchain Instance

A number of blockchains require carefully planned configuration for the following elements:

(a.) Permissions.

(b.) Asset Issuance.

(c.) Asset Re-Issuance.

(d.) Key Formats.

(e.) Address Formats.

(f.) Block Signatures.

  1. Building The APIs

The major categories that you would need or use in order to create blockchains are as  follows:

(a.) Generating key addresses.

(b.) Performing Audit-Related Functions.

(c.) Data Authentication.

(d.) Data Retrieval.

(e.) Smart Contracts.

  1. Design The Admin and User-Interface

In this step, you need to design the interface for the admin and the user. For the admin, you need to provide information to the admin whereas, for the user, you can decide to showcase the important things only.

  1. Adding Future Tech

You can greatly increase your blockchain solutions by adding artificial intelligence, biometrics, and machine learning.

Main Reason To Create Your Own Blockchain

A blockchain is suitable for currency as it is a log of transactions, therefore, it is decentralized in nature. Furthermore, one of the main reasons for creating a blockchain is that it gives ultimate flexibility.

Best Blockchain Development Tools

Many of the blockchain development tools are used to ease the procedure of blockchain. You need to know about some of the development tools that are used by professional blockchain developers. Furthermore, some of the best blockchain development tools are listed below:

  1.  Remix IDE
  2. Truffle Framework
  3. SOLC
  4. Embark
  5. Solium 
  6. Geth

Best Programming Language For Blockchain

Blockchain technology is used in many industries as it includes high-level security which helps in protecting the business transactions safely. Blockchain developers are required equally everywhere that is from corporate firms to industrial banks. Moreover, there are some well-known languages that are used in a blockchain. These are:

  1. C++
  2. Java
  3. Python
  4. JavaScript
  5. CX

How Does Blockchain Add Value To Your Specified Platforms

There are four things that help blockchain in adding value to a business platform. the four things are :

  1. Decentralization.
  2. Transparency.
  3. Reliability.
  4. Reduced Costs.
  5. Increased Speed.

Cost To Build A Blockchain Platform

The cost of blockchain is based on your requirements. Furthermore, the cost of a blockchain also depends on the following factors:

  1. Type of blockchain you require.
  2. The complexity of a blockchain project.
  3. Project management tools.

Time Taken To Develop  A Blockchain

The period of a blockchain depends on your needs and requirements. Furthermore, it typically takes 2-3 weeks. It is originated with PoC and once PoC is completed it takes 4-5 weeks to come up with a minimum workable product along with certain attributes.

What Does SDLC Corp Offer?

Being an established development company in the blockchain and crypto market, we would like to expand our services to merge blockchain and the cloud of things. We are spreading out our nodes to make information more accessible with the intention to make cloud services a much better environment for our clients. With vast experience across blockchains and cloud services, we offer various crypto spaces too. If you are interested in Creating Your Own Blockchain Network then connect us or call now.

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