Metaverse for the telecommunications industry

Metaverse for the Telecommunications Industry


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Metaverse for the Telecommunications Industry: The metaverse, which is a big trend, is both a problem and a chance for the telecom industry.

Some people have written off the Metaverse as a passing fad, but we claim that

(1) The telecom industry needs to invest heavily in itself to keep up with its needs, and

(2) Those who do so will get big economic and strategic benefits.

This perspective looks at the many benefits that telecoms could get from actively participating in the metaverse as “only one point of service.”

Some of these benefits include being able to use infrastructure that already exists, creating new business models, and getting more value further down the value chain.

In the Metaverse, There is More than Infrastructure

Improvements to mobile metaverse infrastructure help telecoms both financially and strategically.

Telecom companies need to balance their data infrastructure.

Metaverse is good for telecom companies in three ways. There isn’t enough.

How much metaverse’s telecom company is worth in 2030 depends on what is assumed and what is meant by “worth.”

Ericsson thinks that 5G fixed wireless will bring in $5 billion in sales in 2022, $21 billion in 2025, and $53 billion in 2030.

Risky is doing nothing. If carriers don’t support metaverse, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure will.

The metaverse is growing at home and around the world.

Metaverse is easy to buy for both Millennials and their kids. Obsess says that 75% of millennials buy games.

Teens say that telecom companies should put money into metaverse.

The growth of the metaverse could help telecom companies in two ways: through its infrastructure and through user participation.

If telecommunications companies use this new market correctly, they may be able to reduce carbon emissions, hire people in other countries, make more money, and keep more customers.

Million-Dollar Opportunity

Metaverse data should be valuable. VR (virtual reality) requires 5–40 times more bandwidth than HD movies.

Improve global network infrastructure so people may use metaverse from home.

Mobile operators will invest $720 billion in their networks between 2022 and 2025. 5G will cost $527 billion.

Arthur D. Little (ADL) estimates upgrading European fiber will cost $88 billion from 2022 to 2030.

These charges are a sample and don’t include everything.

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Metaverse Needs Technology that lets It Work

To be successful in the metaverse, telecom companies will need to create the following metaverse telecom use cases and other important supporting technologies:

Local Computing is Required for Complete Integration

The metaverse strives to be a copy of real life.

For the Metaverse to grow, millions of users will need to be able to talk to each other in both audio and video.

This kind of visual experience requires quick thinking. Boost computing in your area.

Edge data centers will be needed at every telecom communication link to make the metaverse 1,000 times more useful for processing.

The metaverse in the telecom industry needs to be processed, resolved in real time, and run on AI computers.

Ultra-Low Latency for Frame-Delay-Free Communications

Metaverse users must communicate quickly and effectively. Metaverse users will require low-latency, close networking technology.

Involvement needs 5G low-latency. High latency hinders Meta’s use cases.

Data expansion requires more network performance, notably on the Internet backbones.

Multi-gigabit bandwidth and latency-optimized 5G networks may enable this.

Privacy and Trust Infrastructure can Manage the Regulatory "Wild West"

As virtual worlds improve, metaverse in the telecom market engagement will become more significant.

Outside of the metaverse, telecom companies ensure consumers’ privacy, validate their identities, and manage their data.

Building the metaverse of tomorrow, where virtual experiences redefine the way we live and connect.

What should Telecoms Need to Know before Entering this Space?

How can carriers make the most of their role as infrastructure?

Using the typical business-to-consumer data sales model, we think that the data needs of metaverse users will help bring in more money.

Metaverse businesses are innovative.

Telecoms could work with businesses further down the line that need reliable networks.

Profit-sharing agreements will be important in the future. CSPs can offer infrastructure services to metaverse members on a wholesale basis.

“Goods” are services that are in high demand and/or of high quality (such as 5G slicing).

Why is the World Engine Required in Telecommunications?

Meta, Google, and Baidu will, in our estimation, drive advancement as the metaverse’s software layer.

Local telecoms like SK Telecom of South Korea could still set up local metaverse platforms by using their large customer bases and strong brands.

As part of these partnerships, telecoms may use a third party with software engineering skills, and the contracts that come out of these partnerships may include 5G slicing and other parts of the metaverse’s infrastructure.

The Metaverse is being Built by Telcos

Ifland, a South Korean telecom company, joined the metaverse’s global engine layer first.

Current SK Telecom customers may enjoy virtual real estate, music, and movies on Metaverse.

SK Telecom has a long-term strategy for collaborations and has had early results in education.

Verizon used CBRS to do a 5G data session and said, “Customers will soon be able to enjoy better speed and capacity.”

T-Mobile tested carrier aggregation (CA) using a Samsung phone.

Neville Ray, T-VP Mobile Technology, called this “another critical milestone” for the company’s metaverse 5G goals.

Bottom Line

Telecom knows about the trouble in the metaverse.

At first, businesses in IT and telecommunications studied the ecosystem.

Some advanced economies are looking into metaverse solutions based on 5G.

This research must cover the whole of telecom, from its business strategy to its technological stacks and assets.

We think that telecom companies should focus on multiple changes to better understand the metaverse and use its opportunities.


Ericsson says that “growing access to 5G will help the metaverse continue to grow by giving digital worlds the speed and power they need to work on a large scale.

Metaverse involvement may benefit telecom businesses. Using this digital platform, they may improve customer service, raise profits by selling related services, and simplify processes.

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