NFTs Invisible Friends: A Guide to a Growing and Diverse Collection


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NFTs Invisible friends a guide to a growing and diverse collection

For months, the NFT community has been divided on the utility of art. But why try to force the issue when a project focuses on quality and the community? That is precisely what the NFTs Invisible Friends project is: a body of work that can stand independently. But what exactly is it?

As the name suggests, Invisible Friends is an animated PFP show about invisible people. So is the collection a sneaky way of packaging a variety of backdrops as a PFP NFT project? Or is it a nightmare-inducing attempt to depict a transparent human character model realistically? Not at all.

The invisible characters in this collection aren’t dressed in fancy skintight suits that make them invisible. Instead, they’re dressed in… clothes. Ordinary clothing. Even stylish. To that end, Invisible Friends NFT is teaming up with the clothing brand Kith. Hence, what distinguishes each NFT in the collection — each trait corresponds to a piece of clothing.

That sounds cool. How do I go about purchasing an Invisible Friends NFT?

If you’re unfamiliar with NFTs, the first step in purchasing an Invisible Friends NFT is to create a crypto wallet. This is where you will eventually store your NFT digitally. Fortunately, they’re easy to use and frequently come with browser extensions.

Next, you’ll need to fund it with Ethereum — the blockchain currently hosting these NFTs, so you’ll need to pay with its cryptocurrency. Once you’ve done that, It only takes a few clicks to order your Invisible Friends NFT.

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How much do Invisible Friends NFTs cost?

If you’re wondering how to make Invisible Friends NFTs, we’ve got bad news: it’s too late. Unfortunately, the first batch of coins has been gone for a long time. But you can still get one of these one-of-a-kind NFTs, even if all the pieces from Imaginary Friends’ February 2022 mint are sold out.

They’re also available on secondary markets like OpenSea, but not cheaply. As of this writing, the floor price is nearly 2.5 ETH, more than $4,000. If you want to be the rightful owner of something as simple as an Invisible Friends Discord PFP or Twitter avatar, you may have to save for a while.

Invisible Friends: A Brief History

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So, who is the man behind Invisible Friends?

Markus Magnusson, a digital artist and animator created this 5,000-piece collection. For animation fans, you might recognize him as a motion mark on Instagram.

His slick, clean animation style has won him tens of thousands of fans on the social platform for sharing images. Next, the Swedish animator hoped to ply his trade with Invisible Friends, a thoughtful and well-executed NFT project showcasing his distinct style.

“Invisible Friends has always been and will always be about digital collectability of high-quality digital animated art,” said Coinbilly, Head of Stuff at Invisible Friends, in an interview with nft now. Magnusson fans, in particular, have another compelling reason to support the project.

“Markus has been making things his whole life and this collection results from everything he has learned and done. It also lets him work on projects in the future “coinbilly was broken down.

On the other hand, Magnussen’s entry into the NFT landscape took time. As a result, November of 2021 is when the Invisible Friends NFT project begins, In the year that James Curran established the Random Character Collective (RCC).

According to coinbilly, Curran utilized his connections to gather a group of artists who were enthusiastic about “creating generative collections with the support of the team he put together.” This was the impetus for the establishment of the animator-led collective.

Magnussen was among the very first members of the new cooperative, with preparations already made to launch the artist into his as-yet-unrealized NFT collection.

Coinbilly stated that Invisible Friends “immediately became viral within the NFT community, gaining over 600k followers in just a few months” after the first teaser was released. Also, “celebrities and people who had never heard of NFTs before” were among the group’s quickly growing audience. So, what’s happening with a project that’s gotten so much attention?

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What's the future of Invisible Friends?

Even after the game’s first release, Magnussen and the Invisible Friends crew have kept at it, refusing to rest on their laurels. The project’s roadmap demonstrates this, with the previously mentioned collaboration with apparel brand Kith and 3D animator Nguyen Nhut. So, what makes these collaborations notable?

For example, the upcoming collaboration with Kith will do more than provide holders with brand-new NFTs. Winning bids on this forthcoming set of one-of-a-kind NFTs will also receive physical versions of the clothes their newly acquired Invisible Friend is wearing, which will be exclusive to NFT owners. This is only one component of Invisible Friends’ overall strategy to “[explore] the link between physical and digital collectibility,” coinbilly added.

A line of Invisible Friends toys follows in the footsteps of Nhut’s upcoming collaboration with the RCC OG. Because the coming NFTs are 3D renditions of the original run, it stands to reason that they’ll be paired with physical, “3D” Invisible Friends toys. A winning strategy, as demonstrated by other NFT projects such as Pudgy Penguins.

What elevates Invisible Friends?

The 5,000-piece set includes animated invisible characters with randomized traits.

These include many common and uncommon clothing elements, accessories, and backgrounds. Because of its distinct style and whimsical design, the collection is a must-have for any NFT degen and digital collectibles investor.

While some features are more prevalent in the collection, others are less. As a result, certain NFTs are naturally scarcer, more expensive, and more challenging to obtain than others.

Artworks with more common characteristics are currently trading for just under 3 ETH. Individuals with ‘uncommon’ or ‘rare’ features can swap between 5 and 50 ETH.

Positive values are being advanced in the space

Invisible Friends NFTs are designed to do more than look cool. They’re also incredibly inclusive, serving as a diversity beacon in the space. But how can that be when each Invisible Friends NFT provides no visual indication of each invisible character’s race, gender, or overall appearance?

Excluding information is an excellent way to promote inclusion. Anyone, regardless of background, should be able to project themselves onto their NFTs without this information on each Invisible Friend. But, of course, that was done on purpose.

“[We’re] a brand that welcomes people from all walks of life. We’ve all felt invisible at some point in our lives, and we believe that our art, which is our top priority, connects with viewers in a variety of ways,” said coinbilly. “Invisible Friends is and will continue to be a brand that promotes inclusivity, empathy, and creativity.”

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Bottom Line

Invisible Friends was (and still is) one of the most hyped projects in the NFT market, with a floor price ranging from 9 to 10 ETH.

Although it is difficult for many projects to maintain attention and hype, this collection remained firmly in the 5 ETH range after falling from its all-time high.

After briefly falling below the 1 to 2 ETH price level, the collection comfortably sits at just under 3 ETH.

Another factor to consider for an investor is the project’s largest holders and their stakes. There are no large holders in the collection, as only one address holds approximately 2% of the NFTs.

More than 85% of owners have only one item, indicating that the project is stable but far from whale-free. According to Dune analytics, the top 25 Invisible Friends holders control over 20% of the supply, but the enormous whale only has 128 NFTs.

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