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Steps to Develop a Meal Delivery Application Like Talabat


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Steps to Develop a Meal Delivery Application Like Talabat

Develop a Meal Delivery Application Like Talabat: Technology is rapidly revolutionizing the food industry, transforming businesses’ operations and allowing for convenient online ordering and quick deliveries. The Middle East region is projected to have 5.5 million food delivery users by 2026, with a penetration rate of 44.5% in 2022, indicating the growing popularity of online food delivery applications.

The demand for such apps stems from their convenience, catering to the busy schedules of today’s tech-savvy generation. Investors are showing great interest in funding food delivery applications, as evidenced by the success of platforms like Talabat. This presents a lucrative opportunity to capitalize on the online food delivery business by developing a robust app similar to Talabat.

The global revenue for food delivery apps is expected to reach $320 billion by 2029, showcasing this market’s stable growth and immense potential. Furthermore, integrating technology may even lead to future advancements like drone deliveries, making the industry more sustainable.

While the food delivery industry has experienced significant growth, there is room for improvement, particularly in service excellence. Offering a wide selection of restaurants, diverse food options, and seamless payment methods can attract customers. Therefore, developing an app with these features becomes crucial to meet customers’ evolving expectations and enhancing the food delivery experience.

Projected Food Delivery Market Size 2022 - 2029

Why to Create a Food Delivery App Like Talabat?

Evaluating the benefits of entering the market before developing an on-demand food delivery app is crucial. It is essential to take down the key reasons behind venturing into this field and its advantages, similar to the benefits of creating a food delivery platform like Talabat.

1. Promising Market Growth

The delivery business continues to demonstrate impressive growth in user base and revenue. As mentioned, the industry is projected to reach $320 billion by 2029. This presents an opportune moment to create your meal delivery app.

2. Connect With and Engage Your Target Market

An on-demand delivery app is an excellent tool for interacting with your target audience, establishing communication, and gathering feedback. Building a successful business relies on connecting with many potential customers. By creating an app similar to Talabat that appeals to many clients at once, you can expect an increase in repeat customers.

3. Convenience and Accessibility for Both Owners and Customers

The benefits for customers are evident—they gain access to more options and improved services. For owners, the key lies in responding quickly to market demands, engaging with customers, expanding their reach, and achieving dominance, all of which can be facilitated through an on-demand delivery app.
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Must Have Features of a Meal Delivery Application Like Talabat

Key Features of a Food Delivery App Like Talabat

From the Customer’s Perspective

Keeping in mind the following features is essential when designing an application similar to Talabat that is designed to have a pleasing aesthetic and is easily navigable. When developing an application like Talabat, it is essential to consider the following features based on customer requirements:

1. Order Tracking: A real-time tracking tool should be available to restaurant owners to track orders. This enables delivery personnel to track the order and pick it up from the location when it gets ready. In addition, customers should be able to follow their orders from when they place the order until they receive it in real time.

2. Support for Real Images: Customers are highly interested in the location and cleanliness standards of the restaurants they order from, even when they don’t dine in. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to provide restaurant and food images, addresses, and menu information.

3. Customer Assistance: It is essential to have a dedicated help desk available for customers to contact in case of any inconvenience or issues. Addressing customer queries and complaints can provide valuable feedback to improve services.

4. Billing Options: Your food delivery platform should prioritize security and offer multiple payment gateways and various payment choices for instant billing. This can include options such as net banking, debit cards, and credit cards.

By incorporating these features and considering the customers’ needs, your application will more likely attract users and stand out among competitors.

From the Delivery Service’s Perspective

The delivery agent, restaurant, and consumers need to collaborate closely to ensure convenience for everyone involved. The developer should focus on incorporating delivery-oriented features, such as:

  1. Implementing a feature that allows for easy tracking of order status, resulting in faster delivery and improved management of orders.
  2. Creating a database that stores information about all delivery personnel, including their contact details and order delivery history. Additionally, integrating a GPS tracker to provide information about delivery locations and the most efficient routes, along with estimated delivery times.
  3. Including a chat system to facilitate swift communication between delivery personnel, restaurants, and customers. This feature should enable delivery personnel to guide customers to the restaurant if necessary.
  4. Implementing a system for frequent reward deliveries, which can enhance the morale and motivation of delivery agents.

From the Restaurant’s Perspective

The restaurant that collaborates with your food delivery service should be able to register on your platform. By partnering with a variety of restaurants, including high-quality establishments, you can attract more customers. The necessary features should include the following:

  1. Easy registration process for restaurant partners, allowing them to provide their names, updated menus, addresses, and contact information.
  2. An order tracking system with push notifications keeps customers informed about their orders’ status.
  3. A chat system to facilitate communication between delivery partners and ensure better coordination.
  4. Multiple payment options are integrated with your payment gateways, allowing customers to choose their preferred payment method.

Apart from that, your application should be capable to manage these three key stakeholders, enabling you to add and approve their membership on your platform. This functionality will also provide valuable analytical key performance indicators (KPIs), giving you insights into potential business opportunities and areas for improvement. Charging partnership fees will also contribute to your revenue stream and help your business grow.

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How to Develop a Meal Delivery Application Like Talabat?

How to Develop a Meal Delivery Application Like Talabat

Step 1: Perform Market Analysis and Establish Your Niche

In order to identify market leaders and gain insights into current trends, it is crucial to conduct thorough research on competitors and market conditions before entering a new market. You should develop a food delivery platform similar to Talabat after carefully analyzing your target audience and the market.

Step 2: Create a Business Model

The ultimate goal is to generate revenue, so it is vital to look how your app will contribute to that. Give thoughtful consideration to your business plan’s prospects. Define your target market, marketing strategy, and monetization model. Which strategies will you employ to retain existing customers and attract new ones? When can you expect your app to become profitable? What are the future prospects?

Considering all this, make a list of the essential features and integrations. Determine the required skills for developers by assessing the competencies of your current team and identifying any gaps that need to be filled.

Step 3: Create a Plan for Generating Revenue

Formulate a strategy to generate income from the food delivery application. Prominent online food delivery platforms such as Talabat typically employ four primary channels for generating revenue:

  • Charging a fee for each order placed
  • Incorporating advertisements
  • Offering promotional opportunities for restaurants on the platform
  • Implementing membership fees

Step 4: Assemble a Team and Engage Developers

Ensure that your team comprises individuals with both expertise and technical skills to translate your ideas and objectives into action. To prevent misunderstandings and guarantee satisfaction with the end result, communicate your concerns and requirements in advance to a reputable team of developers.

Step 5: Develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Narrow down your focus and distinguish the essential features from the rest to differentiate your delivery application from competitors. Begin developing your MVP with input from brand strategists, developers, and designers who can provide valuable perspectives to create an appealing user interface, as it is what the end users will see. Launching a preliminary version and gathering feedback will help validate your business idea before investing significant money.

Step 6: Conduct a Test Trial

Use the feedback gathered from your MVP to assess which features were most frequently used and identify any shortcomings. Analyze user behavior, such as who accessed your app frequently and when, and concentrate on this information when refining your final product by making necessary changes and improvements.

Step 7: Official Release

Finally, you can launch your app, but be prepared for the ongoing task of providing continuous customer support and fixing any bugs that may arise. Ensure you are available to assist your customers 24/7.

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Estimate Cost of Developing a Food Delivery App Like Talabat

Every business aims to generate profits, so it is crucial to determine the necessary investment to achieve the desired financial gains. However, the expenses involved are influenced by various factors, including the selected features, the chosen applications and platforms for development, and the development partner. You may come across a minor difference in the development cost between the minimum viable product (MVP) and the final product.

To gain a better understanding, assessing the amount of time and effort required for application development is recommended, as the cost can vary based on the location of the development partner.

Cost Estimate of Different Types of FinTech App

You can easily calculate the development cost using the following formula based on the location of your development partner and the required features:

(Features x time) x Hourly Rate = Development Cost

Creating an app similar to Talabat can range from approximately $15,000 to $40,000. Additionally, it will be necessary to develop versions for both Android and iOS platforms.


Irrespective of the chosen development approach or desired features for integration, the success of an online food delivery app hinges on thorough planning, proactive measures, and the allocation of dedicated resources and efforts. If you lack the necessary resources and time for app development, enlisting the assistance of a professional team can be advantageous.

At SDLC Corp, our skilled and committed team of designers and mobile app developers is available to help you develop and launch a food delivery app that will effectively reach your customers, fostering your business growth. Furthermore, our commitment extends beyond the app’s creation and launch—we offer maintenance services to ensure the app’s security and optimal performance.

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Market research is crucial in developing a meal delivery app like Talabat. It helps identify the target audience’s preferences, understands competitors’ strategies, and uncover market opportunities.

The time required to develop a meal delivery app like Talabat can vary depending on various factors, including the complexity of features, team size, and development approach. On average, it may take a few months to a year to complete.

The cost of developing a meal delivery app like Talabat depends on several factors, such as the app’s complexity, desired features, development team rates, and location. Roughly, the cost can range from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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