You now know what you need to know to make a Solsea account. Now is the time to make your collection of NFTs that will be kept on the Solana blockchain.

Solsea can be challenging for crypto newbies and first-time curators, but let the buzzwords or confusing features overwhelm you. 

Here’s some advice and a list of potential issues you might encounter while collecting NFTs:

  • Be ready to link your Phantom wallet to your Solsea account because they are locked together for security reasons. Keep your login info close by to save time.
  • Because the description section has a strict word limit, you should use as few words as possible to describe your NFTs.
  • If you want to add multiple NFTs to the same collection, you should know that there is no bulk option. To change the art, you must mint each NFT separately.
  • It would help if you were patient while your NFT is being minted. The process takes less than a second, even if your computer and Wi-Fi connection could be faster.
  • If your uploads fail, you might lose a little SOL. Don’t worry, though; each transaction costs about $0.075
  • Free up some time on the platform that needs three transactions: 2 for minting (approve, wait, approve) and 1 for setting the price.
  • Phantom’s approval system makes each transaction need to be clarified. You will know how much the transaction fee will be once the minting process is finished. Don’t let this stop you, though. Minting fees are always high.
  • You can’t change the price while the coin is being made. Instead, go to your Phantom wallet after successfully minting your NFT, click the second tab that isn’t in focus by default but shows your NFTs, and then click the list button.
  • When all three transactions are added up, they cost about $2 per NFT. Compared to Ethereum, which usually costs between $70 and $100 to the mint for the first time, these prices are fair.