Why Flipkart Ventures into NFTs with no Phone?

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Flipkart Ventures into NFTs: Flipkart is said to support Nothing Phone (1). It plans to provide non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to users who pre-order newly launched phones. Oneplus phone co-founder Carl-Pei has launched his latest venture, Nothing’s first phone, called Nothing Phone (1).

He also launched his NFT airdrop event exclusively for users who pre-ordered Nothing Phone (1). In India, NFT company Guardian Link offers this his NFT drop in his Flipkart Fire Drops.

Jayandran Venugopal, chief product and technology officer at Flipkart, said in a press release that the company will support this NFT airdrop and share details about the blockchain used.

“We are thrilled to partner with Nothing to bring customers to his Web 3.0 playground with his first-ever NFT drop on Flipkart Fire Drops hosted on Polygon’s blockchain.” and physical assets.

Flipkart Chief Product and Technology Officer Jayandran Venugopal said.

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How It Will Benefit Flipkart?

Flipkart partners with Nothing to bring new NFT experiences to customers in India. Under the terms of the deal, Nothing Community Dots will be airdropped to her Flipkart customers who pre-ordered and purchased the Nothing phone.

This will give you access to exclusive benefits such as new merchandise and first access to offline events. The Community Dots is hosted by Web3 infrastructure provider Polygon to provide users with a low-carbon mining experience.

Flipkart’s entry into its Web3 space is Fire Drops The e-commerce company previously founded by Flipkart Labs to reinvent the shopping experience and develop solutions at the intersection of technology and e-commerce.

Flipkart collaborates with Nothing. Starting on July 22nd, a feature called Fire Drops will be available in his Flipkart app for Android and iOS. Additionally, the Nothing Phone owner (1) is eligible to receive a limited edition of his Nothing Community Dots NFT.

With Fire Drops, Flipkart hopes to reach a wider audience and demonstrate the general benefits of NFTs and Web3.FireDrops’ Nothing NFT Drop is brought to you by Guardian Link, a company in the NFT ecosystem.

Nothing Community Dots’ collaboration with Flipkart is an important step for Fire Drops, according to Jeyandran Venugopal, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Flipkart. “We recently launched Nothing Community Dots to create more meaningful connections with our community.

This is another step in that direction,” said the Vice President and General Manager of Nothing India. A Manu Sharma said: Our first smartphone, (the Phone 1), serves as the gateway to the connected and open product ecosystem of the future. We also intend to enable persistent and secure access to Web3, future[1]proofing not only the telephony category but also other ecosystems his devices,” Sharma continues.

Arjun Kalsy, Polygon’s vice president of growth, said: Anyone who pre-ordered Nothing Phone (1) on Flipkart between July 12th and July 18th can use the Community Dot NFT. 7 to 8 days after the delivery date, Flipkart will send the customer an email with instructions on how to claim the Black Dot NFT.

How do NFTs Help eCommerce?

Brands and content producers through incentives, communities and loyalty programs is constantly experimenting with new ways to engage with consumers, and how much value you can get from your fans is usually seen through the lens of ROI, which is an outdated design. NFTs (NFT Marketing) therefore offer a more comprehensive approach.

Need harmonization of incentives. This means real benefits for local communities. No money grabs, no leeches. Brands gain knowledge and loyalty, and customers gain more control and benefits. Successful people ignite a flywheel of commitment and creativity.
Older systems can’t do this, but NFTs can, saving you a lot of money. The first consideration is to think of NFTs as simply “unlocking access” or encouraging users to make purchases. We’ll look at some of the underrated usefulness.
Brand exchanges product development information with his NFTs, including insights on issues, claims, flavors, and ingredients. Participants will receive her NFTs that allow for potential profit sharing and early access to new product releases. Brands can easily track and maintain these important connections.
Trade learning and CX NFTs to welcome newcomers to the community or provide customer support after presenting your company’s strong product know-how. This can have a huge impact compared to branded employees doing the same.
Submit content I would like to receive NFTs. We will provide the materials in return. In addition to receiving NFTs in return for contributions, contracts can also be set up so that you are entitled to receive a portion of future earnings from the use of your content in advertising.
Leaderboards By tracking top contributors, brand community managers can surprise their loyal customers with gifts, tickets, and other perks. This can lead to increased participation and engagement within the group.
Governance + Voting Don’t just ask your fans for their “opinions,” get them to vote on important issues like your product roadmap or distribution strategy. Make it available only to certain NFT owners of her, or make it open to everyone and give them an atrophy that acknowledges their participation.
Brands and developers can leave special quests for the community to complete to reward success with her NFT. This includes responding to surveys, making referrals to neighbors, and participating in activities. Bounties can be highly competitive or open to all.

Lotteries NFTs can draw lotteries, giving participants the chance to win prizes without having to participate frequently. It lowers the barriers to joining the community for those who are interested but not very involved. Everyone loves big raffles, right?

Customer Cohort Air Consider the NFT value he received if he was Jordan’s first customer.

A way for a company to offer you a special product or success in the years to come. Cohort NFTs are one way to validate group participation.

Airdrops Receiving surprise NFTs in your wallet has a bigger impact than SMS marketing text messages. Even better, it opens the door to tangible benefits like pre-order access. Never let your customers down with cheap discount codes.

By giving the Neighborhood Coin community their own money for trading, people share the results.

  • Useful for beginner chats?
  • 500 coins can be a gift from mods.
  • Want to talk privately with the creators of the community?
  • 5000 coins. Coins open up a new level of the economy.

Traceability Includes a certificate proving the authenticity of the IRL collection. NFTs represent not only the legitimacy of your collection but also the traceability and individuality of its unlocked actions.

More than ever, NFT prioritizes community engagement.

NFT claims to replace the outdated “top-down” business model, regardless of its future course. It transforms users into fairer and more transparent participants and environments, providing the real incentives and empowerment that communities deserve.


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