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How much does it cost to develop app like Decluttr?

Welcome to the app, where we make buying and selling pre-loved items a breeze. Experience the joy of decluttering while discovering amazing treasures and turning your unwanted items into cash. With a user-friendly interface and a vibrant community, ReSellify is your go-to destination for simplifying the resale experience. An app like decluttr typically works as a platform that facilitates the buying and selling of second-hand items, primarily focusing on electronics, media, and tech-related products.

Overview of apps like Decluttr

Embrace a clutter-free lifestyle with Sell-Savvy – the ultimate app designed to simplify the process of selling your pre-loved belongings. Transform your unused items into cash seamlessly, all while enjoying a user-friendly platform that streamlines the selling experience.

What are the features of the app?

1. Speedy Listings:

SellSavvy makes listing a breeze. Snap a photo, add a description, and set your price – your item is ready to find its new home.

2. Instant Valuation:

Wondering about the value of your items? Use our instant valuation tool to get a fair estimate, ensuring you set the right price for a quick and successful sale.

3. Shipping Made Simple:

Forget about shipping hassles. SellSavvy provides a straightforward shipping process with pre-paid labels, making it easy to send your sold items to their new owners.

4. Secure Transactions:

Your safety is our priority. This app ensures secure transactions, protecting your financial information throughout the buying and selling process.

5. Wide Marketplace Exposure:

Connect with a vast community of potential buyers. This app opens the door to a broad audience actively seeking items like yours, increasing your chances of a successful sale.

6. Sales Dashboard:

Stay in control with comprehensive dashboard. Track your sales, monitor earnings, and manage your listings effortlessly.

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How does an app like Decluttr work?

Item Valuation:

  • Users begin by entering details about the items they want to sell. This could include the brand, model, condition, and any additional relevant information.
  • The app often provides an instant valuation or estimated price for the items based on the information provided by the seller.

Listing Items for Sale:

  • Once the valuation is accepted, sellers can create listings for their items. This involves uploading photos, adding more details about the condition, and setting the final selling price.

Shipping Process:

  • When a buyer purchases an item, the app typically generates a pre-paid shipping label for the seller.
  • Sellers package the items securely and send them to the designated address using the provided shipping label.

Item Inspection:

  • Upon receiving the items, the app or a third-party service often inspects the products to ensure they match the provided description and meet the required quality standards.

Payment to Seller:

  • Once the inspection is successful, the app releases payment to the seller. Payment can be in the form of cash, store credit, or another agreed-upon method.

Resale or Recycling:

  • After inspection, the items are typically either resold on the platform to new buyers or, in some cases, recycled responsibly.

Buyer Experience:

  • Buyers can browse through listings, purchase items, and often benefit from lower prices compared to buying new ones.
  • Some apps offer buyer protection policies, ensuring that buyers receive items as described or are eligible for a refund.

What are the benefits of app like Decluttr?

Effortless Decluttering:

  • Provides users with a convenient and streamlined process to declutter their homes by selling unwanted items quickly and easily.

Cash for Unwanted Items:

  • Enables users to turn their clutter into cash by selling items that are no longer needed. This extra income can be used for other purposes or savings.

Time and Energy Savings:

  • Offers a time-efficient alternative to traditional selling methods, such as garage sales or individual listings. Users can sell multiple items at once without the hassle of managing multiple transactions.

Instant Valuation:

  • Provides users with instant valuations for their items, allowing them to quickly assess the potential value of their belongings before deciding to sell.

Simplified Listing Process:

  • Streamlines the listing process with user-friendly interfaces and straightforward steps, making it easy for sellers to showcase their items effectively.

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How to Develop a buying and selling app like Decluttr?

Market Research:

Understand your target audience and study existing apps like Decluttr. Identify their features, strengths, and weaknesses. Use this information to determine how your app can offer a unique value proposition.

Wireframing and Design:

Create wireframes or mockups to visualize the user interface and user experience (UI/UX) of your app. Design an intuitive and user-friendly interface that aligns with your brand.

Select Development Technology

Choose the technology stack for your app. This includes deciding on the programming language, framework, and database. Popular choices for mobile app development include React Native, Flutter, or native development for iOS (Swift) and Android (Kotlin/Java).

Frontend and Backend Development:

Start the front-end development to implement the user interface. Simultaneously, work on the backend development to manage the app’s logic, database, and server-side operations.


Conduct thorough testing to identify and fix bugs. Test the app on various devices and operating systems to ensure compatibility and a consistent user experience.

Marketing and Launch:

Develop a marketing strategy to promote your app. Leverage social media, online advertising, and other channels to create awareness. Plan a launch campaign to generate initial traction.

Monitoring and Updates:

After the launch, monitor user feedback, app performance, and analytics. Regularly update the app with new features, improvements, and security patches.

How much cost is required to develop app like Decluttr?

Market Research and Planning:

  • This phase may involve costs for hiring researchers and strategists to conduct market research, identify your target audience, and plan your app’s features and positioning.


  • Design costs cover the creation of wireframes, mockups, and the actual UI/UX design of the app. Costs can vary based on the complexity of the design and the need for branding elements.


  • Development costs are typically the most significant part of the budget. Costs vary based on the hourly rates of developers and the time it takes to implement the planned features. A basic version of such an app may cost tens of thousands of dollars, while a more feature-rich version may cost hundreds of thousands or more.


  • Quality assurance and testing are crucial to ensure your app is bug-free and provides a smooth user experience. Testing costs are influenced by the complexity of the app and the extent of testing required.

Backend Development:

  • The backend development, including server setup, database integration, and API development, contributes to the overall cost.


Development Component

Estimated Cost Range

Market Research and Planning

$5,000 – $10,000

Design (UI/UX)

$10,000 – $20,000

Frontend Development

$30,000 – $60,000

Backend Development

$30,000 – $60,000

Database Setup

$10,000 – $20,000


$15,000 – $30,000

Post-launch Support/Maintenance

15-20% of total development cost

Best Mobile App Development Company

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In conclusion, developing an app like Decluttr offers an innovative solution to the modern challenge of managing excess possessions and promoting sustainable living. The app streamlines the process of decluttering by providing users with a platform to sell pre-owned items, turning unwanted belongings into valuable assets. With a user-friendly interface, instant valuation tools, and secure transactions, this app empowers users to effortlessly navigate the selling and buying journey.


You can sell a wide range of items, including electronics, gadgets, books, media, and more. Check our guidelines for a detailed list of accepted items.

To sell an item, start by creating a listing. Provide details such as the item’s condition, and description, and set a reasonable price. Once listed, potential buyers can browse and purchase your items.

Our app uses an instant valuation tool that takes into account various factors such as the item’s condition, brand, and market demand. This tool provides you with an estimated value for your item.

Yes, this app prioritizes the security of transactions. We use secure payment gateways, and our platform follows industry best practices to protect your personal information.

When your item sells, a pre-paid shipping label is generated for you. Simply package the item securely, attach the label, and send it to the provided address. Once received, we’ll handle the rest.


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