How to Create a Pregnancy Monitoring App Similar to Ovia?


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How to create a pregnancy monitoring app similar to ovia?

Pregnancy monitoring apps have grown in popularity over the years, offering expectant moms a simple and handy way to track their pregnancy experience. Ovia is one such software that has acquired a lot of attraction due to its extensive features, user-friendly layout, and precise tracking capabilities. There are some crucial elements to consider if you want to create a comparable pregnancy monitoring app.

Creating a good pregnancy monitoring app takes careful preparation and execution, from designing an attractive user experience to guaranteeing the app’s accuracy and reliability. In this article, we’ll look at some of the important factors and stages involved in developing a pregnancy monitoring app like Ovia.

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting yet stressful moments in a woman’s life. There are many changes that occur in her intellectually and physically – recording them while continually concerned about the child’s health. This is what drives them to use pregnancy tracking apps. These apps, which are estimated to account for a market share of USD 257.6 million by 2023, are aimed to make the path to healthy delivery less stressful.

Steps to Create a Pregnancy Monitoring App

If you’re reading this, you may have already completed a preliminary market study to identify your major and secondary audiences, decide where you want to launch the app, and develop your business strategy. This section covers the first stage of development – brainstorming.

The next step in developing a pregnancy tracking software like Ovia is to finalise the functionality. At SDLC Corp, we normally recommend that 80% of the features be finalized before beginning the development. This gives designers plenty of time to talk about and select where each feature should go in the app’s user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). The previously listed elements can serve as a starting point for your software, which can then be upgraded over time to match changing market needs.

This brings us to the third and last stage of pregnancy monitoring app development: UI/UX design. Ovia’s design is data and information-heavy, which may be intimidating to new users. Following a minimalist design approach with distinct places for each feature is our proposal. The home screen, for example, may provide a dashboard view of the fetus’s growth, future appointments or reminders, and a brief, encouraging message for expectant women. Similarly, the Insights section might have a blog card view, and the calendar could be colour-coded.

We move on to the coding phase of pregnancy monitoring app development once the design wireframe is complete. This entails converting the design’s elements and user journey into clickable and responsive components. Depending on your business goals, we may also integrate sophisticated technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics, and Blockchain.

We also finalise a technology stack that can handle high concurrency and scalability requirements at this level.

When the app is finished, we move on to the testing phase, when we conduct a quality analysis of the application utilising various testing methods, such as automated and manual testing. The goal here is to guarantee that the software works as expected while remaining completely safe.

We launch an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) version of the software to a possible user base after testing is completed and gather input to improve the app before its final launch. Once the development method has been set, evaluating the cost of pregnant app development becomes an important stage, which we will discuss in the following section.

The Cost of Developing a Pregnancy Monitoring App

Creating a pregnancy tracking software like Ovia entails numerous stages, beginning with designing the user interface and ending with implementing the back-end functions. The cost of creating such an app is determined by various factors, including the app’s complexity, functionality, and the developer’s location.
Here are the various factors that influence the cost of establishing a pregnancy monitoring app like Ovia

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Factors Affecting the Cost of a Pregnancy Monitoring App

Our Pregnancy Monitoring App Development Portfolio

Child Healthcare

Pregnancy, kids, baby, and child healthcare encompass a spectrum of medical practices focused on ensuring the well-being, growth, and development of expectant mothers, infants, and growing children. It involves preventive care, monitoring, and specialized treatments tailored to each stage of life.


    1. Prenatal care for expectant mothers
    2. Pediatric vaccinations and screenings
    3. Developmental milestones tracking
    4. Child nutrition and growth monitoring
    5. Family planning and counseling

Family Planning

A Pregnancy Family Planning Clinic specializing in gynecology offers comprehensive services related to reproductive health, including prenatal care, contraception, fertility counseling, and screenings. 


  1. Reproductive health consultations
  2. Contraception and birth control
  3. Fertility treatments and counseling
  4. Prenatal care services
  5. Gynecological exams and screenings

Maternity Blog

A Pregnancy Maternity Blog is a digital platform offering a wealth of information, guidance, and personal experiences tailored to expectant mothers and families. It covers various aspects of pregnancy, childbirth, parenting tips, and  creating a supportive online community.


  • Expert pregnancy advice
  • Real-life birth stories
  • Maternity fashion trends
  • Baby gear reviews
  • Postpartum wellness tips


Pregnancy fertility revolves around the complex aspects of conceiving, encompassing fertility treatments, reproductive health assessments, and interventions aimed at aiding individuals or couples experiencing challenges in becoming pregnant.


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  4. Lifestyle and dietary guidance
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Women's Health Consultants

Pregnancy Women’s Health Consultants are specialized professionals providing comprehensive guidance and support throughout pregnancy and beyond. They offer personalized care, advice, and medical expertise to address various women’s health concerns.


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  • Maternal health counseling
  • Postpartum recovery guidance
  • Reproductive health consultations
  • Holistic women’s wellness support


Pregnancy Gynecology involves specialized medical care focused on women’s reproductive health, encompassing prenatal care, childbirth, and postpartum support.


  • Prenatal check-ups and care
  • Obstetric ultrasound evaluations
  • Labor and delivery assistance
  • Postpartum check-ups
  • High-risk pregnancy management

1. Features

The cost of building an app is determined by the amount of features incorporated. The higher the expense of development, the more sophisticated the software. Ovia includes features such as daily updates on foetal development, personalised tips, appointment and test reminders, and more. A developer would need to commit a large amount of time and resources to implement such functionality.

2. Platforms

An app can be created for a single or numerous platforms. Ovia is available for both Android and iOS. Creating an app for several platforms raises the overall cost of development.

3. User Interface

The app’s user interface (UI) is a critical factor in determining the user experience. Ovia offers a sleek, intuitive, and visually appealing user interface. The cost of creating the user interface is determined by the number of displays, the complexity of the design, and the number of changes required.

4. Development Team

The cost of building an app like Ovia is determined by the size and location of the development team. Hiring an experienced team of developers, designers, and testers would raise the entire cost. Furthermore, the fee varies based on the team’s location. Hiring a team from the US, for example, would be more expensive than hiring a team from India or the Philippines.
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5. Backend Infrastructure

A robust backend infrastructure is required for an app like Ovia to store user data, provide personalised content, and deliver reminders and notifications. The cost of building backend infrastructure is determined by the server configuration, storage capacity, and security measures.

6. Testing

Testing is an important stage of app development since it ensures that the app works properly and meets user expectations. The cost of testing is determined by the number of devices and operating systems on which the app is tested, the app’s complexity, and the number of testing cycles required.

Based on the criteria mentioned above, the cost of building a pregnancy monitoring app similar to Ovia would be between $50,000 and $200,000. However, the actual cost may vary depending on the precise requirements and location of the development team. Before settling on a budget, it is best to consult with multiple developers and obtain quotes.

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Features of the Ovia Pregnancy Tracking App

The app includes a variety of features and tools to assist users in monitoring their health, tracking their baby’s progress, and staying educated about their pregnancy. In this in-depth approach, we will look at the various features of the Ovia Pregnancy Tracking App and how they might help expectant women.

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Sign up or Login

Users can join up for or log in to the Ovia Pregnancy Tracking App using their email or Facebook account. New users must build a profile with their due date, height, weight, and other pertinent information. The software also requests permission to access the user’s location data, which allows the app to give personalised content based on the user’s location.

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Home Page

The Ovia Pregnancy Tracking App’s home page features a personalised dashboard that allows users to track their pregnancy progress and remain up to date on their baby’s development. Users can examine their due date countdown, weight gain tracker, and other important pregnancy information. The dashboard also provides users with daily pregnancy-specific recommendations, articles, and insights.


The software features a pregnancy calendar that records the user’s baby’s growth, lists vital prenatal appointments, and emphasises important pregnancy milestones. Personal notes, such as doctor’s appointments or special events, can be added to the calendar by users.

Count Down to Your Little Ones Due Date


The app has a community function that connects users with other pregnant mothers. Users can form groups, discuss their experiences, ask questions, and offer assistance to one another. The app also includes a private chat option that allows users to communicate one-on-one with other users.

Meet Your Community

Kick Counter and Contraction Metre

The Ovia Pregnancy Tracking App contains a kick counter and contraction metre so users may keep track of their baby’s movements and contractions. The kick counter allows users to watch their baby’s movements throughout the day, while the contraction timer allows them to correctly measure their contractions.


The app offers personalised goals to assist users maintain their health and wellness while pregnant. Users can set daily water intake, exercise routines, and other important health measures as objectives.


Based on the user’s pregnancy stage and personal details, the app gives personalised insights. The app provides daily articles, videos, and other materials based on the user’s pregnancy stage and personal preferences. The programme also includes weekly surveys that allow users to keep track of their pregnancy symptoms, mood, and other important data.
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My Profile

The app has a profile section where users can manage their account information, such as their due date, height, weight, and other pertinent information. Users can also change their notification preferences, such as reminders and community notifications.

Customer Service

The Ovia Pregnancy Tracking App offers customer service via a variety of channels, including email, social media, and in-app messaging. Users can contact customer service for assistance with technical issues, account administration, or general questions.

Finally, the Ovia Pregnancy Tracking App is a comprehensive and user-friendly programme that provides expectant moms with crucial tools and features to help them monitor the course of their pregnancy. Expectant women will appreciate the app’s personalised dashboard, health tracking, pregnancy monitoring, community support, configurable reminders, personalised content, baby names, kick counter and contraction timer, goals, insights, my profile, and customer service features.

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Various Aspects to Consider to Rank Higher Than Ovia

Ovia is one of the most popular pregnancy monitoring applications on the market, so there are various aspects to consider if you want to differentiate your app or rank higher than Ovia.

Various Aspects to Consider to Rank Higher Than Ovia

1. User Interface and Experience

The user interface and user experience of any software are critical components. A well-designed app that is easy and simple to use and navigate will entice more users. To differentiate your pregnancy monitoring app from Ovia, you should focus on designing a visually appealing and straightforward user experience with simple features and clear instructions. Make sure to prioritise customer feedback and incorporate it into future updates to continuously improve the user experience.

2. Personalization

Each woman’s pregnancy is an individual experience, and a one-size-fits-all approach to monitoring and tracking can be restrictive. Personalization is essential for making your pregnancy monitoring app stand out from the crowd. Your app should enable users to tailor their settings and preferences to their specific needs and preferences. This can include personalised due date estimations, health and diet suggestions, and exercise routines specific to the individual.

3. Comprehensive Health Tracking

In addition to monitoring their baby’s growth and development, pregnant women must monitor their own health during pregnancy. Your pregnancy tracking software should include complete health tracking capabilities, such as the ability to track weight increase, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. Consider incorporating additional health tracking tools, such as sleep tracking, mental health evaluations, and hydration tracking, to provide a more comprehensive approach to pregnancy monitoring.

4. Integration With Other Apps and Devices

Because many users track their health and wellness using several apps and devices, combining your pregnancy monitoring app with other applications and devices can be a big selling feature. Your software, for example, may work with fitness trackers to monitor exercise routines or with a nutrition app to measure diet and vitamin intake. Consider integrating with telehealth services to offer virtual consultations with healthcare specialists.

5. Educational Materials

For many women, pregnancy may be an overwhelming and confusing period, so including educational resources in your pregnancy monitoring app might be a useful addition. Articles and films about pregnancy-related issues such as prenatal care, labour and delivery, and postpartum recovery can be included in these resources. Consider collaborating with healthcare professionals to provide expert advice and guidance through the app.


To summarise, developing a pregnancy monitoring software similar to Ovia involves careful planning, user-centred design, and strong technological implementation. It is critical to accommodate pregnant users’ special needs and provide features such as personalised health insights, appointment scheduling, and community support. Following best practices and consulting with experts can assist ensure a successful launch and user adoption.


Personalised health insights, appointment scheduling, community support, nutrition and exercise tracking, a kick counter, and a contraction timer are all important elements.

You can use data encryption, strong authentication methods, and anonymization before storing and transmitting data. Also, ensure that all applicable data protection rules and regulations are followed.

It is dependent on the specific objectives and aims of your project. Native app development in Java/Kotlin for Android and Swift/Objective-C for iOS, cross-platform frameworks like React Native and Flutter, and cloud infrastructure like AWS and Azure are all common technologies.

To attract and keep customers, you can utilise several marketing methods such as social media campaigns, influencer marketing, content marketing, paid advertising, and ASO (App Store Optimisation).

The cost of establishing a pregnancy monitoring app is determined by a number of criteria, including the app’s features, complexity, platform(s), team size, and development location. A ballpark estimate, on the other hand, can range from $50,000 to $150,000 or more.

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