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What is IDO Launchpad, and Why Does Blockchain Use It?


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IDO Launchpad and why Blockchains used for it

An IDO (Initial DEX Offering) Launchpad is a crowdfunding technique used by crypto projects and agents. The funds are elevated by releasing IDO tokens. The IDO tokens constitute any assets that would have a fixed price in terms of crypto. It is a decentralized platform that provides and records the probable projects for IDO.

Nature of IDO Launchpad

An IDO Launchpad is raised on a particular blockchain and multiple blockchains. Therefore, an IDO Launchpad is very supportive. In addition to this, IDO Launchpad comprises numerous features, which include:

1. Multi-tier.
2. Compatible with any Blockchain Technology.
3. Integrated Wallet.
4. Quick Token Allocation.
5. KYC Compliance.

Need of IDO Launchpad

It is one of the exceptional representations or models that help decipher the issues of ICOs (What is ICO and IDO) and adds new possibilities to the crypto market. Apart from this, with the help of this particular representation or model, the token buyers’ and holders’ coins are secured in their wallets and private keys.

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Blockchains Used for IDO Launchpad

Some of the blockchains that are used for IDO Launchpad evolutions are as follows:

1. Binance Smart Chain

It has grown widely and become the platform of choice for many new projects, owing to its speed, compatibility, and low fees. However, the users need to poll a fixed number of BPSCPAD tokens to access their tier on the platform.

‍2. Ethereum: DAO Maker

Since 2020, this blockchain has hosted dozens of token sales. To access Dao Maker, the users must hold at least 500 DAO tokens in their wallet.

‍3. Solana

To participate in Solana, users need to hold xSLIM tokens achieved by staking SLIM tokens or SLIM (LP) tokens.

‍4. Cardano

It is a smart contract platform and simple in the way of participation. Here, the user must stake at least 100 CARDS tokens on the media to participate in a lottery.

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Working of IDO Launchpads

The project owner has to apply on the platform to get listed, and then the platform verifies it. Moreover, the platform runs based on the trust between the platform owners (Rise to the Top: How to Make Insane ROIs with Crypto Launchpads), cryptocurrency project owners, and users.

Types of IDO Launchpads

Types IDO Launchpads

A list of IDO Launchpads in the industry contains their unique characteristics and benefits. These launchpads include:

1. BSC Pad

It is one of the first IDO Launchpads developed on Binance Smart Chain, implying lower transaction fees.

‍2. Polkastarter

It is an IDO Launchpad erected on the Polkadot blockchain that holds up interoperability which means it can provide projects of different blockchains on a single platform.

‍3. Solstarter

It is one of the IDO Launchpads assembled on a Solana blockchain. The main thing about this platform is that it offers an equitable administration system to the users during the IDO.

Hence, there are more IDO Launchpads, such as trustpad, secure pads, BSC starter, and so on, which comprises several monthly active members.

Steps to Participate in IDO Launchpad

The usage of it comes in five steps. These steps are:

1. Firstly, an individual has to learn about the upcoming IDOs and then proceed to the pool page.
2. Secondly,  find a project and apply by entering the number of tokens you want to buy.
3. Thirdly, approval of the interaction.
4. Fourthly, fund your allocation with BUSD by using the buy button.
5. Lastly, you must ensure that you purchased the tokens.

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Advantages of IDO Launchpad

Here are some of the significant benefits of IDO Launchpad:

1. Liquidity

The tokens are instigated in a decentralized platform which helps enhance liquidity.

2. Opportunity in Growth

It increases the project’s clarity and helps gain popularity for the project’s growth.

3. Opportunity in Investment

It helps individuals get the investments they deserve as it spotlights potential crypto projects.

Use of IDO Launch Pad

IDO Launchpads can be enlarged in two methods. The methods are :

1. Developing from Scratch

Developing from Scratch includes backend as well as frontend developments.

2. Whitelabel Solutions

Whitelabel Solutions are the replicas of the best IDO Launchpad platform.

How to Create an IDO Launchpad on Various Blockchains?

There are three methods for creating IDO launchpads. One option is to build both the front and back end from the ground up. A white-label solution is the second option.

The white-label answer is a product already on the market and can be changed quickly and easily to match a company’s branding. In addition, a white-label solution reduces development time and cost because it is ready to deploy.

Finally, a clone solution is the third option for IDO launchpad development. The clone is a copy of a popular IDO launchpad platform.

Let us look at the two most popular blockchains for IDO development.


IDO Launchpad Development Ethereum

Ethereum was the first and most widely used blockchain in the cryptocurrency industry. The Ethereum-based IDO launchpad’s key features include the following:

– Ethereum-based launchpad platforms can include a well-known Web3 crypto wallet for secure and convenient transactions and token acquisitions.

– Using an IDO launchpad on Ethereum, entrepreneurs can customize their portfolios.

– Advanced security safeguards, similar to the Ethereum blockchain, can be used to safeguard the IDO site.

– A decentralized exchange (DEX) with high liquidity makes it simple for investors to hold and trade their IDOs.

IDO Launchpad Development Company

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Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain

It’s an IDO launchpad based on the Binance Smart Chain that takes advantage of its features. Among the notable features of this IDO launchpad are the following:

– The BSC launchpad provides an advanced security solution to handle high-user traffic and protect the portal from malicious attacks.

– To facilitate token distribution and investment, the IDO launchpad could include a Web3 wallet that supports a variety of cryptos and stablecoins.

– The launchpad portal’s back-end technology is highly effective and responsive, allowing it to function in virtually any situation.

Bottom Line

IDO Launchpads are here to stay and are the best way to raise money for real-world and crypto projects. With such a platform, you can reach people all over the world, which can attract investors from all over the world. This means that making an IDO launchpad that can talk to different blockchains would catch on quickly.

SDLC is the best choice if you also want to build your launchpad. As a leading IDO launchpad development company, we ensure that you create the IDO platform on the blockchain of your choice.

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