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Is Blockchain Better than Coinbase in 2022?

Is Blockchain Better than Coinbase in 2022?
Is Blockchain Better than Coinbase in 2022?

Is Blockchain Better than Coinbase in 2022?


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What Is A Blockchain?

Blockchain is a structure of taking down information in a manner that makes it tough to hack or change the system. Furthermore, a blockchain is distributed ledger which contains the details of the transactions.

Features Of Blockchain

There is a large number of features of blockchain which makes it more valuable as well as polar. The features include:

1. Ease Of Use
Blockchain is very simple and easy to use.

2. Safety & Security
It maintains a secure nature.

3. Multi-Platform Access
A blockchain wallet can be accessed anytime through any device.

4. Design Structure
It has an ultimate framework that smoothes transactions.

5. Global Utility
It functions as a global platform.

Advantages Of Blockchain

Here is the list of advantages of Blockchain:

1. Increased Security
Information is kept across a large network of computers rather than on a single server; therefore making it difficult for hackers to survey information.

2. Perfect Transaparency
All transactions that are recorded cannot be changed, therefore, it enables the users to view the history of the transactions.

3. Immediate Traceability
Through, it is easy as well as possible to share data about origin directly with the customers.

4. Increased Speed
Transactions are done in a faster mode as there is no involvement of middlemen.

5. Automation
Transactions automated with smart contracts help to make it efficient and done fast.

Use Of Blockchain

The use of blockchain s that it permits Bitcoins as well as cryptocurrencies to work without any intermediary. Furthermore, it not only eliminates middlemen but also reduces risks (How Blockchain Can be Used in Your Business in 2022).

What Is A Coinbase?

Coinbase is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies which makes it simple for an individual to buy, sell as well as exchange . Furthermore, it is the exchanges where an individual can buy coins such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin, etc.

Features Of Coinbase

Some of the advantages of Coinbase are listed below:

1. Simple To Operate Especially For Beginners
Coinbase is very easy to operate as it permits the user to buy and sell quickly.

2. Carries A Large Number Of Cryptocurrencies
Coinbase carries a large number of currencies for trading. Furthermore, the number of currencies is increasing day by day.

3. Provides Opportunities To Earn Cryptocurrencies
Coinbase offers opportunities for the user to obtain additional income.

4. Low Fees
Coinbase provides users with advanced features at low fees.

Use Of Coinbase

Coinbase is used to create a financial system. Moreover, it offers a secure method to invest as well as trade with cryptocurrencies. Additionally, it makes buying an easy process.

Difference Between Blockchain And Coinbase


  • BLOCKCHAIN – It provides a large number of tools as well as assets in order to operate the Bitcoin exchange.
  • COINBASE – Coinbase wallet is perfect for manageable format as well as buying and selling of Bitcoins.


  • BLOCKCHAIN – Customer support is a sensitive area for blockchain.
  • COINBASE – Coinbase has earned A+ ratings.


  • BLOCKCHAIN – Blockchain wallets have high featured security as they can detect unusual activity.
  • COINBASE – The security system of Coinbase is perfect as it can leave behind the security system of other financial institutions as well as banks.


  • BLOCKCHAIN – The procedure of registration is hassle-free but it charges a minimal amount.
  • COINBASE – The procedure of registration in Coinbase is easy and simple as it does not charge any fee.

Is Blockchain Better Than Coinbase?

Blockchain and Coinbase, both are good in their own ways and because of their attractive attributes. Furthermore, on one hand, Blockchain is better if an individual is looking for dealing in only cryptocurrency transactions whereas, on the other hand, Coinbase is better if an individual wants to sell fiat for cryptocurrency. In addition to this, the decision to choose one of them will largely be based on the requirements as well as needs of the user. Moreover, both are easy as well as simple to use, and therefore, include high speed of transactions.

What Does SDLC Provide?

Being an established development company in blockchain, custom blockchain solutions, and crypto token development, our company, SDLC would like to expand our services to merge blockchain and its solutions as well as crypto-token development. Furthermore, our company, SDLC is spreading out its nodes to make information more accessible with the intention to make blockchain a much better environment for our clients. With vast experience across blockchains and custom blockchain solutions as well as crypto-token development, our company, SDLC provides various developments and solutions too. Moreover, if you want your data to be more secure & safe and have no self-access with zero interference then please reach out to us.


Blockchain and Coinbase, both possess attractive characteristics and both of them satisfy the needs as well as requirements of the users. Furthermore, on the one hand, Blockchain includes a unique framework that helps the transaction smoothly whereas, on the other hand, Coinbase includes high-speed transactions. In addition to this, in Blockchain, the system of customer support is sensitive in nature, in Coinbase, it has a high degree of customer support.

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