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Business Intelligence Services and Solutions

Business Intelligence Services We Offer:

BI Consulting:

Our business intelligence (BI) consulting services help organizations identify gaps and opportunities by providing powerful insights through many data visualization techniques.

  • Reviewing the existing data management practices
  • Data governance
  • Developing procedures for data analysis and data collection
  • Implementing new data analysis methodologies
  • Create models to analyze behaviors

Enterprise Business Intelligence:

Business Intelligence helps the company to make timely and informed decisions. It is a technology by which we can organize, analyze, and study your business data.Enterprise BI helps these organizations to increase productivity and efficiency.

  • Company-wide data consolidation and storage
  • Company’s performance monitoring
  • Strategic and operational planning
  • Helps the company to stay relevant and competitive

Implementation of BI Applications:

Business Intelligence Implementation helps in improving business strategy as well as revenue and the level of satisfaction of the customer. We deliver a large-scale BI solution design to your business needs by:

  • Conducting BI needs analysis
  • Conceptualizing the BI solution and designing its architecture.
  • Adding data science capabilities
  • BI solution quality assurance
  • Data migration
  • User training
  • BI solution support and evolution

BI Support & Evolution:

Our skilled BI technology experts have the ability to maintain as well as enhance any organization’s existing BI solutions. This includes analytics, reporting, ETL, database development & administration, and more. It helps businesses to meet the new BI needs and optimizes BI costs and performance by offering: –

  • Development support.
  • Troubleshooting on the code level
  • Evolution (means adding new data sources creating new reports, etc.).
  • Administration support (means updating software, adding new users, handling permissions, administering data).
  • Power BI support services

BI Solution Implementation Process:

Discuss Business Requirements:

First, our team of BI experts starts gathering all the information about your business. Once we have an overall understanding of your business goals and requirements, we provide you with the best solutions and technologies that are required for your business.

Collect & Integrate Data:

Collect and integrate is the next step where our team starts collecting your business data and various data sources such as Experts, and ERPs systems, and together combines them into a database.By doing this you can easily access different types of data from one place.

Analyze & Prepare Data:

The data that is collected is then prepared for exploration,analysis, and modeling. Our BI experts help in implementing highly scalable technologies and data processing scripts to transform the datasets into appropriate formats.

Get Insights:

Together with clients, the business problems are solved easily by reaching conclusions from the data exploration process using various data mining techniques and advanced BI tools. Our BI solution not only helps clients to understand what and when something happened but also why did it happen?

Create BI Dashboards & Reports:

Our team creates top-notch BI dashboards and also reports that are not only visually appealing but also very easy to understand. The advanced dashboards help in reducing user interaction and also save time by enabling the stakeholders to work on other significant areas of business. It not only helps organizations to make the right decisions but also helps to manage the processes at the right time.


SLDC is one of the fastest-growing BI software development companies offering expertise in areas of BI consulting, Enterprise BI solutions, BI implementation, BI support & maintenance.

We first start to understand the whole business objectives of the client followed by doing a thorough analysis of the existing enterprise business intelligence solution. So, based on our analysis and research, we suggest and implement the best optimization strategies for the product we have.

In our BI consulting services, we assist organizations in enhancing their data strategy and internal processes. We evaluate the existing data analytics systems of organizations and help them out in developing a BI roadmap for improved business outcomes.

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