How to Develop a Cryptocurrency Wallet App Similar to Exodus?


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How to Develop a Cryptocurrency Wallet App Similar to Exodus?

Cryptocurrency Wallet App Similar to Exodus: Crypto wallets have emerged as the blockchain equivalent of traditional leather wallets, providing a secure way to store digital currencies and facilitate transactions, purchases, and exchanges. The versatility of a crypto wallet is limited only by one’s imagination, allowing users to engage with fiat money, virtual assets like NFTs, and more. As interest in the Web3 and metaverse ecosystems grows, the crypto wallet market is experiencing an unprecedented surge.

Within this expanding market, numerous crypto wallets are contributing to its growth. This blog will dig into the details of the Exodus crypto wallet. This exemplary app enables users to manage and exchange over 260 cryptocurrencies and NFTs across various platforms, such as web browsers, mobile devices, desktops, and hardware wallets.

This article explores the process of building a crypto wallet similar to Exodus, examining the essential features necessary to create a robust and reliable crypto wallet app. By gaining insights into developing a Cryptocurrency Wallet App Similar to Exodus, you will be equipped with the knowledge to launch your version, ensuring a dependable and successful outcome.

Essential Features of the Exodus Wallet App

Exodus crypto wallet has become a preferred choice for blockchain enthusiasts due to its user-friendly features, which allow the buying and selling cryptocurrencies, swapping crypto assets, connection to Web3 apps and dApps, displaying NFTs, and earning rewards through crypto staking. Let’s explore some of the critical features of this crypto wallet.

Essential Features of the Exodus Wallet App

1. Backup

Upon logging into the Exodus wallet, users can ensure the safety of their assets through a private key. In addition, the app provides a 12-word phrase that users enter in the correct order to regain access to their account and control when they forget their password.

2. Wallet

Exodus cryptocurrency wallet is a non-custodial solution for storing crypto assets such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs. This allows users to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies, engage in staking for passive income, and quickly swap between cryptocurrencies within the application.

3. Exchanger

A valuable feature in a crypto wallet like Exodus is the ability for users to exchange their cryptocurrencies. The app utilizes a real-time currency value analyzer to determine the current rate for buying or selling cryptocurrencies.

4. Portfolio

Another essential feature is an intelligent portfolio that enables investors to track the value of their crypto assets in real time. It also provides comparative charts to compare investments with one another.

5. Web3 Integration

Exodus crypto wallet comes equipped with Web3 integration, allowing users to access various Metaverse and Web3 apps. This integration enables app access and facilitates seamless trading on these platforms, providing users with a comprehensive experience within a single application.

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6. Staking and Compound Finance

Through staking and compound finance, a well-rounded crypto wallet can enable investors to earn passive income with their cryptocurrencies.

7. Customer Support

An important aspect of crypto wallet development, similar to Exodus, is providing 24/7 customer support. This can be achieved through live chat, email, phone support, and a comprehensive FAQ section.

What sets Exodus apart from other wallets is its unparalleled security. Exodus provides users with a strong sense of security as a blockchain-based wallet. Considering the increasing incidents of crypto wallet hacks, a security-first approach is crucial during development. At SDLC Corp, we prioritize security measures to protect user assets.
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How Can We Prioritize Security as the Primary Objective When Developing a Crypto Wallet Similar to Exodus?

When developing a crypto wallet like Exodus, it is crucial to emphasize security as the utmost priority. Therefore, understanding how the platform manages security within the application is essential.

One good aspect of a wallet like Exodus is its team of developers. They employ specialists in attacker simulation, app security, and cloud security. This team drives the development of a secure architecture by following a fast software development lifecycle process.

From a technical standpoint, Exodus operates on a non-custodial mechanism, which means they do not have access to users’ private keys, data, or transaction details. This mechanism forms the foundation of their work philosophy.

At SDLC Corp, our approach to developing crypto wallets prioritizes security. Our team of blockchain experts shares the same philosophy as the Exodus team, focusing on building a simulation-based architecture. Furthermore, in our crypto wallet app development services, we ensure that every API and open-source code undergoes meticulous reverse engineering to eliminate glitches and provide resistance to hacking.

By addressing the security-focused features, we have covered how to develop a crypto wallet similar to Exodus. Now, let’s delve into the two-part section that concerns entrepreneurs the most: the development process of an Exodus-like crypto wallet and the associated costs.

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Process of Developing a Crypto Wallet Like Exodus

Developing a cryptocurrency wallet, like Exodus, involves a multi-stage process that prioritizes security and scalability. Below are the typical steps we follow when creating an app similar to the Exodus crypto wallet.

1. Define the App Concept and Features

The initial phase of building an app like Exodus entails finalizing the business model. At this stage, essential considerations include choosing between a custodial or non-custodial wallet architecture, determining the app’s features, and identifying the target user base. In addition, conducting thorough competitor research and market analysis can provide valuable insights for a smoother project development process.

2. Design The App's User Interface And User Experience

Once the app concept is established, we proceed to the design phase of the Exodus cryptocurrency wallet. Our focus is creating a clean and engaging application incorporating dedicated sections and elements, fostering a seamless user experience. During this stage, we develop wireframes and prototypes to act as a base for the developers while giving stakeholders a visual representation of the application.

Design the app's user interface and user experience

3. Initiate the Coding Process

After finalizing the UI/UX design of the Exodus crypto wallet, we progress to the development stage. Depending on the project requirements and budget constraints, we offer two options: A) Building the app from scratch or B) Utilizing popular libraries and tools such as the Coinbase SDK, BitcoinJ SDK, or Blockchain Wallet API. Based on the chosen approach, we proceed with feature development and creating the desired user flow within the app.

4. Test and Launch the MVP Version

The subsequent step involves thorough quality assurance testing of the solution to ensure its resistance to hacking and scalability. Our blockchain solution testing team works diligently to prepare your app for future market growth. Once the app is deemed ready for deployment, we launch the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) version, allowing real users to interact and provide valuable feedback.

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A Detailed Breakdown of the Development Cost for the Exodus Wallet

The cost of developing the Exodus wallet depends on various factors, including the application’s size, the solution’s design, the application’s features, the choice of technology used, and the team’s location and structure.

Considering all the factors into account, the cost structure for creating a crypto wallet similar to Exodus can be estimated as follows:

The provided table offers a rough estimate of the cost required to build a crypto wallet like Exodus. First, however, we must discuss your requirements with our business analysts to determine the exact range. Then, they will create a blueprint and milestone plan for the project, including delivery details.

We also help our clients by finalizing the monetization models for crypto wallet development services. For example, exodus generates revenue through its partnerships with third-party API providers and exchanges that offer services through the app. Additionally, we often advise our clients to charge transaction fees for every trade through the application and incorporate relevant advertisements to earn revenue through click-based advertising.

Why should you choose us as your crypto wallet app development partner? At SDLC Corp, we have completed over 30 blockchain projects, serving clients from the hospitality industry to fintech companies. In addition, we have specifically developed five crypto wallets from scratch, including the wallet itself and the underlying cryptocurrencies, while creating APIs to integrate the app with other crypto platforms. This extensive experience has given us considerable expertise in the field.


To conclude, the emergence of cryptocurrency is shaping the future of finance. EXODUS, the market’s most popular crypto wallet, is a notable example.

Creating a multi-currency crypto wallet offers numerous advantages. It enhances convenience, accessibility, and more. Opting for a wallet that supports multiple cryptocurrencies ensures unbeatable security, making it a wise choice for storing your digital assets. By developing a crypto wallet like EXODUS, you can securely store, trade, and exchange virtual currencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and others.

For the best-in-class cryptocurrency wallet development, SDLC Corp is the ideal choice. Our dedicated team of experts in cryptocurrency development will assist you in building a secure, reliable, and scalable wallet, keeping you ahead in the crypto world. We create a robust wallet that enables safer transaction processing by leveraging the most advanced and innovative technology stack.

SDLC Corp boasts extensive experience, having worked on over 30 blockchain projects for clients spanning various industries such as hospitality, fintech, and government agencies. This wealth of experience has positioned us as a leading global blockchain development company.

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To develop a cryptocurrency wallet app similar to Exodus, you will need a team of experienced developers, a clear set of requirements, a technology stack, and access to cryptocurrency networks or APIs.

Choosing the right technology stack depends on various factors such as your development expertise, target platforms, and desired features. Standard technologies used for wallet app development include programming languages like JavaScript, frameworks like React Native or Flutter, and blockchain platforms like Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Ensuring the security of your wallet app is crucial. Implement industry-standard security practices such as encryption, secure key storage, two-factor authentication, and regular security audits.

Integrating multiple cryptocurrencies requires accessing their respective networks or APIs. You’ll need to implement functionalities to generate and manage different cryptocurrency wallets, handle transaction processing, and interact with blockchain networks for each supported cryptocurrency.

Focus on designing a clean and intuitive user interface (UI) that enables easy navigation and access to crucial wallet features. Gather user feedback and make iterative improvements. User-friendly features like QR code scanning, transaction history, and account management options can enhance the user experience.

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