What Would It Cost to Develop an Uber-like Logistics App?


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What Would It Cost to Develop an Uber - like Logistics App ?

Cost to Develop an Uber-like Logistics App: The convenience of transportation options like the Uber mobile application has replaced the era of uncertain travel decisions during commutes. Apart from its role as a public cab, the demand for Uber-like services has expanded into various industries, including transportation and logistics.

The growing popularity of apps like Uber Freight can be attributed to their transformative impact on logistics management.

This prompts the following inquiry: What is the estimated cost of developing an app similar to Uber? Depending on the desired additional features and functionalities, the cost of designing a similar app, such as Uber Freight, can range from $30,000 to $150,000 or even higher.

Market Analysis for Creating a Logistics App

  • Research indicates that the global logistics market had a value of $7,641 billion in 2017 and that it would increase to $12,975 billion by 2027. In addition, it is anticipated to grow at  CAGR of 6.5% between 2020 and 2027.
  • The global digital logistics industry is predicted to experience a CAGR of 21.7% and reach $46.5 billion by 2025, with several digital solutions already available in the market.
  • Since 2019, North America has held the position of the largest on-demand logistics market, with logistics and transportation accounting for over 70% of freight flow.
Global Digital Logistic Market

Despite the increasing popularity of logistics app development solutions, there remains a demand for more truck-focused applications like Uber. Only a small group of individuals have recognized a logistics app’s significance and expressed the need for its creation.

However, there currently needs to be more such apps in the market. By developing an app like Uber Freight in the shortest time possible for your company, you can reap the benefits sooner and gain a competitive edge.

What Would It Cost to Develop an App Comparable to Uber Freight?

Through its API solution, Uber Freight offers real-time pricing and digital brokerage services, as well as operating with complete transparency and accountability. With its extensive experience, it provides end-to-end transportation management solutions and extensive transportation management systems for growing supply chain organizations.

It is evident that shippers and carriers face daily challenges, and by improving efficiency and the business’s ability to generate more income, the movement of products becomes sustainable. Through the use of technology, operational costs have decreased, freight accessibility has improved, and driver productivity has increased.

Considering your understanding of the logistics industry and its functioning, the pertinent question arises: How much would it cost to build a logistics app similar to Uber Freight.

Cost of Creating an App Like Uber Freight?

Many marketing gimmicks claim you can create an Uber-like app for under $15,000. The accurate way to estimate the cost of developing an Uber Freight logistics app is to know what you plan to generate and what kind of app you need to design.

Nonetheless, it is possible to estimate the development cost by considering various factors that influence expenses in logistics app development. These factors include the development team size, the complexity of advanced features, the UI/UX design quality, and the targeted operating platforms.

The average cost of designing an Uber Freight logistics app can range from $30,000 to $150,000+, depending on your company’s specific needs. However, this estimate is not definitive and largely depends on the features and technology stack involved. So let’s delve deeper into these variables to understand better and refine your requirements.
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Features of Logistics App Development Similar to Uber Freight

Before developing a logistics and truck app, you must have a predefined set of features you intend to incorporate. While specific fundamental characteristics are necessary, you can customize the list according to your requirements. Several essential qualities come to mind when contemplating the features reminiscent of Uber Freight. Here are some key elements that are imperative to include in your app.

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Features of Shipper’s App

Features of Shipper’s App

1. User Registration and Login

To utilize the shipper’s app, registering and logging in is typically necessary. To enhance convenience for your clients, consider offering registration and login options through social networks or automated email processes.

2. Vehicle Selection

Uber Freight shippers often make decisions on cargo based on factors such as location, vehicle availability, and shipment destination. Therefore, it is essential to allow shippers to choose a specific vehicle type based on size, weight, and other considerations, providing them with various options.

3. Vehicle Reservations

Planning is common practice in freight shipping. However, to address situations where suitable carriers may not be readily available, consider incorporating a feature that enables shippers to reserve a vehicle in advance, ensuring their transportation needs are met.

4. Reminders and Notifications

It is all too easy in our fast-paced world to forget essential details. To avoid inconveniencing carriers and incurring additional charges for delays, implementing reminders and notifications within the app can help shippers stay on top of their shipment schedules, reducing the risk of disruptions.

5. Payment Flexibility

Offering multiple payment options is crucial. Provide choices such as credit cards, net banking, and wallet payments to accommodate different preferences. Consider creating a custom payment gateway for the application to enhance shippers’ convenience.

Features for Driver App

Features for Driver App

1. Sign Up and Login

Users may register and log in using their email address or a social network account. Upon approval of delivery requests, drivers will receive their credentials to access the system.

2. Shipment Details

Before accepting the delivery, drivers should have immediate access to comprehensive cargo information, such as dimensions, weight, type, pickup and delivery locations, and the scheduled pickup and delivery dates.

3. Request for Management

A mechanism allowing carriers to request shipment cancellation in case of unforeseen circumstances, like accidents or emergencies, is essential.

4. Tracking Routes and Enhancements

For the convenience of drivers, the system should provide real-time tracking of each cargo pickup location and even the final destination where the package needs to be delivered. This feature enables drivers to plan and optimize their routes efficiently. 

Features for Admin Panel

Features for Admin Panel

1. Dashboard

Information about pending and completed orders, shippers, carriers, and vehicles is here.

2. Billing Administration

The app must provide an easy way for users to review and approve invoices received.

3. Driver Surveillance

Check the drivers’ positions, note the durations of their stops, and scan the area for unfulfilled orders.

4. Vehicle Tracking

Check the vehicle’s speed, location, fuel consumption, and location. Unfortunately, the perks of keeping track of these specifics are too many.

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Advantages of Developing a Logistics App Similar to Uber Freight

Enhancing your system by developing a unique app comparable to Uber Freight will significantly improve its efficiency and user-friendliness, surpassing the time-consuming procedures currently in use. The benefits of creating a logistics and transportation app are outlined below:

1. Streamlined Data Synchronization

Logistics organizations often require better data synchronization to prevent overlaps, inconsistent deliveries, and poor order execution. By incorporating an app similar to Uber Freight into your system, you eliminate the risk of these errors that stem from manual inputs. In addition, real-time data sharing among all involved parties ensures smooth logistics operations.

2. Optimal Freight Management Efficiency

Developing an efficient freight management logistics app optimizes the lengthy and intricate process of handling transportation and cargo. The entire process flows seamlessly, from delivery at one location to pick up at another. This simplifies tasks for both the organization and fleet owners.

3. Enhanced Document Management

Your logistics app development solution will efficiently handle the overwhelming paperwork burden, ensuring you possess all necessary documentation and comply with relevant rules and regulations. Furthermore, with improved document organization, every procedure becomes faster, boosting overall productivity.

4. Increased Speed and Performance

Timely delivery of goods has become a growing necessity in the transportation industry. To effectively manage your speed, three key factors come into play:

  • Organized route planning
  • Seamless communication and connectivity
  • Data synchronization

Utilizing a trucking app akin to Uber, you can optimize data, identify the best routes, receive traffic alerts, and obtain the necessary information to plan and execute deliveries efficiently, enhancing your truck service.

5. Process Transparency

Process transparency significantly improves with a logistics app like Uber Freight, granting you greater control over the entire operation. You can directly communicate with and track individual vehicles, eliminating the need for intermediaries. Consequently, the process becomes even faster and more streamlined.

Incorporating these unique features into your system by developing a custom logistics app will revolutionize your operations and provide numerous advantages over time-consuming procedures.
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How Can I Make an Uber-style Mobile App for Trucking?

To effectively create a unique app like Uber Freight that aids logistics management, strengthens client connections, and increases profitability, following the outlined steps below is essential.

How Can I Make an Uber-style Mobile App for Trucking

Step 1: Determine the Type of Logistics App You Desire

You have two main options to consider:

1. Expand your company by streamlining operations and managing a fleet of trucks for a logistics business.
2. Establish a marketplace where shippers can place orders with carriers.

The Uber Freight app functions as a logistics marketplace. Uber does not provide carrier services; instead, it assists drivers in efficiently locating nearby customers.

Step 2: Identify a Mobile App Development Company Specializing in Logistics

While you could consider assembling an in-house team of developers to develop an app similar to Uber Freight, this is often not the most prudent choice for various reasons. Many global companies specialize in developing customized logistics apps and offer excellent services. Therefore, outsourcing the creation of your mobile app is generally more feasible.

Step 3: Validate Your Concept

Once you have found a suitable custom development team for your logistics app, you will collaborate with them to validate your app concept. This phase of the development process is crucial as it involves comprehensive market research. You can adjust your strategy using an agile approach based on your chosen market niche. Validating your idea increases the chances of success for your logistics software while saving you time, money, and effort.

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Step 4: Refine Your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

You can divide the functionality of your transportation logistics app into a minimum viable product (MVP) and a minimum lovable product (MLP). An MLP and an MVP can be developed to test your app and gather user feedback. As a result, you can attract your initial user base by assessing its strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, an MLP offers a distinctive feature that sets your software apart from competitors. This is the primary distinction between an MLP and an MVP.

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The mobile development team at SDLC Corp is ready to finalize the app you’ve been eager to start. With our extensive experience collaborating with renowned international brands, we deeply understand the challenges we’re tackling. Our commitment to delivering the best solution drives us to thoroughly comprehend the market landscape in which your app will operate. Engaging in a complimentary consultation session with experts can aid in making an unbiased decision about your company’s idea.

By selecting SDLC Corp as your logistics app development partner, we will join forces to successfully bring your project to fruition while providing insights on the cost of building an app similar to Uber Freight.

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The cost depends on factors such as app complexity, desired features, design requirements, development hours, integration of APIs, and the expertise of the development team.

It requires understanding your specific project requirements to provide an accurate estimate. The cost may differ significantly, considering your unique needs and desired functionalities.

Yes, beyond the development cost, you should consider ongoing expenses such as server hosting, maintenance, updates, bug fixes, customer support, and potential future feature enhancements.

Utilizing existing frameworks and technologies can help reduce development time and cost. However, customization and unique features may require additional development efforts and potentially impact the overall cost.

Collaborating with a professional development team or agency is highly recommended. They can provide accurate cost estimations based on your requirements, offer technical expertise, ensure timely project completion, and deliver a high-quality logistics app like Uber Freight.

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