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Our stablecoin development service provides everything you need to launch your stablecoin and start making money while helping the world minimize the dangers of crypto-volatility. Due to their increased security, stablecoins are the cryptocurrency industry’s most desirable commodity.

Stablecoin Development

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Stablecoin Development Services

Stablecoins are digital currencies tied to stable assets like the U.S. dollar, precious metals, or other cryptocurrencies.

It is used worldwide but is not linked to any central bank and is not very volatile.

The current size of the stablecoin market is close to $3 billion, which is 2.7% of the total value of all crypto assets on the market.

with our stable coin development services, SDLC can help you get a piece of the billion-dollar stablecoin market.

Our global stablecoin development team offers a wide range of services, such as writing white papers, making stablecoins, designing landing pages, and marketing to help spread the use of stablecoins.

Our stablecoin development firm provides the direction you need at every stage, from concept to launch, to achieve your objectives and generate measurable commercial results.

Reasons for Developing Stable Coins

Zero Uncertainty

Stablecoins are digital currencies that aim to maintain a relatively stable value by being backed by real-world assets. This aids the company in keeping up with the ever-shifting value of money.

Transparent Transactions

Due to their immunity to market fluctuations, stablecoins have gained widespread recognition and are traded on most cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition, they’re very liquid and tradeable on numerous global markets.

Global Adoption

Stablecoins are widely used and accepted by cryptocurrency exchanges due to their lack of volatility. They are freely transferable between different markets all around the world.


Using stablecoins to fundraise, you can rest assured that your money will be securely sent to your project. In addition, more tokens can be created if necessary for price stability.

Stablecoin Varieties We Create

Stablecoins backed by fiat currencies

Stablecoins issued by our company is pegged to the US dollar, the Euro, and the British pound, among other fiat currencies. These stablecoins are the most reliable because of the strict rules under which they operate.

Non-collateralized Stablecoins

Incorporate the Seigniorage Shares System into the creation of your non-collateralized stablecoins. Decentralized smart contracts are used in this system to adjust the supply of coins in response to market conditions.

Stablecoins backed by physical goods

We can assist in developing and introducing stablecoins backed by tangible assets like precious metals and stones. The value of these stablecoins is stable, consistent, and far lower than that of traditional currencies.

Stablecoins Backed by Cryptocurrencies

If you need decentralized, transparent, and highly liquid stablecoins, we can help by placing your coins in cryptocurrencies. In addition, we offer our expertise in smart contract creation.

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We provide tools to help you in your stablecoin journey.

We provide more than just a stablecoin development solution; we can help you along every step of your stablecoin journey.


Services for Advising on Stable Coins

You can discuss the creation of a stablecoin with our blockchain experts. Furthermore, they can advise you on best adapting your company plan to the evolving crypto market to maximize short-term gains and secure long-term profits.

Marketing Solutions for Stablecoin

Our stablecoin development services extend beyond the first stages of development and into marketing your stablecoin to the worldwide cryptocurrency market.

Creation of Smart Contracts

Tokens that follow the Ethereum-based ERC-20 specifications are another viable option for creating stablecoins. As a result, we make it such that your tokens can be used in conjunction with smart contracts independently of any outside parties.

Creation of a White Paper

White papers written by our technical content writers are precise, crisp, and concise, illustrating the real-world problem your company is tackling and how. Our white papers result from extensive study, industry expertise, and fresh perspectives. When we're done writing, our designers will give the white paper a format that will pique the interest of your intended readers.

Services for Money Laundering Prevention and Know Your Customer Procedures

Our company also offers payment processing, which allows us to provide more payment choices for stablecoins. In addition, we offer a seamless integration of AML/KYC services so that you can research potential investors.

Management of Community Resources

We have a crew that is always ready to help with any questions or concerns through our ticketing system, live chats, and cryptocurrency-related discussion boards. In addition, we make sure that questions from investors are addressed promptly.

Why should you use an SDLC to build your stablecoin?


The stablecoin developers at SDLC Corp have at least six years of experience working on projects in the crypto industry.

Global Clients

We have worked on stablecoin development projects with over 600 clients from 80 countries.

Policy for Hiring Off-Shore

You can hire our people to work on your stablecoin development project and ensure every detail is taken care of.

Working together on tech

Work directly with the project manager in charge of developing your stablecoin and keep an eye on your project.

Additions to the Solutions

SDLC helps with more than just making stablecoins. They also help make white papers and give business advice.

Services in Marketing

After your stablecoin goes live, we build ICO (or MLM) platforms to distribute it and list it on other exchanges to market it.

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Please fill out the NDA-protected contact form, book a time slot, and then set up a Zoom meeting with one of our experts.


2. Talk to someone

Get in touch with our team to determine if your project idea is possible.


3. Get a Cost Estimate

We send a project proposal with budget and time estimates based on the project’s needs.


4. Start of a project

As soon as we have a signed contract, we will assemble a group of specialists in several sectors to begin work on your project.



- Kididel
- Kididel
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They are top professionals; SDLC Corp provided full support for the entire duration of the service and committed to helping in case something came up. I highly recommend working with this Agency. Their experienced team makes him trustworthy, and his availability gave us confidence, and we will consider them for future work.
- Volleytech
- Volleytech
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The code is become nearly illegible but continues to function correctly. The mechanism works exactly like the original. Thank you for your excellent work.
- Shawn Brown
- Shawn Brown
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VERY smart and hard worker...They did a GREAT job on our project. I will use more in the future for my other projects.
- Ssebharris
- Ssebharris
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What a fantastic procedure! The final product exceeded my expectations in every way possible—what a tremendous exchange of information. The perfect timing made history. I want to praise the agency for helping me launch this exciting new project.
- Bambamcrypto
- Bambamcrypto
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Excellent assistance, as always! I briefed them on the project's characteristics and my goals, and they well surpassed my expectations. We appreciate your help, SDLC Corp.


  • Stability in the face of price changes
  • More people using your platform
  • Added more customers around the world
  • Risks should be managed well.

Companies that focus on making stablecoins have a lot of knowledge and experience that will help your project succeed. Stablecoin development, unlike cryptocurrency development, involves a lot of formalities that require a lot of knowledge.


The cost of making a stablecoin depends on what the user wants. Prices go up when more features and more advanced technologies are added.


Sure. Our team members (including programmers and digital marketing analysts) are available for private hire for your stable coin’s customized development and marketing needs.


In just the first three months of cryptocurrency’s existence, the market value of stablecoins rose to $20 billion. Imagine how fast it will grow in the next few years!


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