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Creating secure and user-friendly Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Solutions for seamless transactions
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Decentralized Crypto Wallet Development

Your Defi portfolio can be expanded to a wider audience by offering enhanced security, faster transactions, and total control over their digital assets with our non-custodial crypto wallets. Your crypto wallet will be customizable, deployed, and launched with specialized features such as multi-coin support, QR scanner, cross-platform compatibility, and automatic conversion rates.

Crypto Wallet Development Solution

Web3 Wallets

A Web3 wallet lets you store and use digital assets, like NFTs, on different blockchain networks, like Ethereum, Solana, and Algorand. You can also use decentralized applications (dApps) on these networks and manage your own assets.

DeFi Wallet

We design custom DeFi solutions once we have an understanding of your business requirements. We ensure that clients are fully informed about the system’s inner workings during the development process, providing clients with greater control over the final outcome.

Bitcoin Wallets

Our Bitcoin wallet development services are unique and innovative, offering powerful wallets to securely store private transaction keys.

Multi-Currency Wallet

Our cryptocurrency wallet development services create a multicurrency wallet that ensures the secure storage and transactions of your virtual currency.

Mobile Wallet

Our crypto mobile wallets work on both iOS and Android devices. They have a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use all of the wallet’s features while on the go.

Web Wallets

Users can access their web wallets from any computer through web interfaces that are unlocked with an authenticated log-in. The web wallets are stored as browser extensions and are protected by log-in security and encryption to safeguard the users’ private keys.

Tron Wallets

For both new and established TRON businesses, we provide specialized wallets and support for managing TRX, TRON, and other cryptocurrencies.

NFT Wallet

When creating an NFT token, we make sure to provide you with the advantages of the platform. We design a structure that can grow with the needs of the market, with a primary emphasis on the details of how it works and making it as practical as possible.

Desktop Wallet

Our desktop crypto wallets, which can be installed on any regular Windows, Linux, or Mac operating system, including desktops and laptops, are ready for use. These wallets allow users to securely store their private keys on their personal systems.
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Features of Our Distributed Cryptocurrency Wallets


Users can sell cryptocurrency swiftly from their wallets, and the money gets transferred to their cards instantly, so they don’t have to wait.


With built-in token trading, a separate wallet integration service is not needed.


Provide a safe place for users to stake their cryptocurrency holdings and do business with other Defi partners.

Portable QR Code Scanner

It’s helpful to turn on automatic QR code scanning of wallet addresses so that you don’t have to copy them by hand.

Auto denial of duplicate payments

To avoid chargebacks, the wallets will automatically detect duplicate payments and refuse to execute them.

API integration with cryptocurrency exchanges

By setting up secure API connections with the top crypto exchanges on the market, we make sure that customers can buy and sell cryptocurrencies without requiring them to leave the platform.

"Use our solution for developing cryptocurrency wallets to make payments that are safe and easy."

Our AI & ML Implementation workflow

Analysis & Design Solution

A Business and Technical Analysis

We start by looking at the technical and business aspects of your blockchain projects to figure out the function and requirements of the wallet you need.


Architecture Design

The basic layout of the UI/UX parts in a low-fidelity prototype after which determines how the wallet will look. Once we have your validation, we will make the high-fidelity design.


Design for Fidelity

The basic layout of the UI/UX parts in a low-fidelity prototype after which determines how the wallet will look. Once we have your validation, we will make the high-fidelity design.


Smart Contracts

To enhance the wallet’s capabilities, such as grouping transactions, retrieving lost account information, to set transfer restrictions, and other features, we create smart contracts based on the specific requirements of your project.

invoice Processing Automation

Frontend/Backend Programming

Our blockchain developers use JavaScript, TypeScript, Go, Solidity, Node.js, and Angular, React, React-Native, and Ionic for frontend and backend development.

Case Studies

Food Express

Food Express

SDLC Corp, a leading software development company, partnered with a popular restaurant chain to create a food delivery app called “Food Express.” The app provides a hassle-free way for customers to order their favourite food online and get it delivered right to their doorstep…..


SDLC Corp was approached by one of the largest furnishing chains in the world to develop a mobile app that could enhance the in-store experience for their customers. The app was aimed at streamlining the onboarding process for customers, enabling them to easily navigate the store …..

Why choose our decentralized cryptocurrency wallets?

Experienced Team

SDLC Corp boasts a proficient team of experts who specialize in crafting exceptionally engaging wallet app solutions.

Transparency And Integrity

In the process of developing Crypto wallets, our developers at SDLC Corp uphold the highest standards of quality, dependability, and transparency. This guarantees flawless and effective results.

Multi-Layered Security

SDLC Corp places a significant emphasis on safeguarding data and ensuring the security of sensitive user information through our advanced multi-layered security system.

Transformation starts here

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Robin George

I recently used SDLC Corp’s crypto wallet development service and was extremely impressed with the quality of the final product. The development team was extremely knowledgeable and was able to deliver a user-friendly and secure wallet that exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of a reliable crypto wallet.

Peter Smith

SDLC Corp.’s service for making crypto wallets changed the way my company worked. Their team was able to deliver a highly customized and secure wallet that met all of my specific requirements. Their customer service was also top-notch, making the entire process seamless and stress-free. I would definitely use their services again in the future.

Harsh. S

I was in need of a secure and easy-to-use crypto wallet for my personal use, and I found SDLC Corp’s development service to be the perfect solution. The team was professional and efficient in delivering the final product, and I was impressed with the level of security and functionality of the wallet. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to develop a crypto wallet.

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Frequently asked questions

You can make your wallet safer by changing a few settings. Other features, like anti-DDoS modules, 12-word mnemonic phrases, and internet security procedures, could also be added to help stop hackers and data leaks.

Wallets can be developed in various forms, including software wallets (desktop or mobile applications), hardware wallets (physical devices), and web-based wallets (accessible through a web browser).

Yes, wallet development can be tailored to meet specific requirements. Customization options include adding unique features, integrating with third-party services, and designing a user interface that aligns with your brand.

The need for a backend server in wallet development depends on the type of wallet and its functionality. Some wallets require a backend server for tasks such as blockchain synchronization, transaction processing, or data storage, while others may function purely as client-side applications.

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