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Data Geometry. AI

Meet DAN - AI Powered Data Ninja

DAN is designed to effortlessly tackle the complexities of unstructured and unorganized data. No matter where your data comes from—scanned documents, multiple sources, or varying formats—DAN can handle it all.

Seamless Integration with Your Workflow

DAN offers configurable CRON jobs for bulk black-box processing. It supports various data structures.



 Efficiently organize tabular data for analysis

Key-value pairs

Capture and interpret data relationships effortlessly.



Graphs and symbols

Visualize complex data for insights.

Line items

Manage itemized data with ease.



Handwritten data

Transform handwritten notes into digital text for analysis.

DAN's Success Is Directly Proportional to its Unique Features and Capabilities

DAN’s success is attributed to its robust features, which have a direct impact on improving data processing efficiency and accuracy.

  • Effortless data handling
  • Elimination of manual work
  • Cost savings
  • Seamless integration
  • Configurability
  • Quick setup
  • Flexible deployment

DAN’s outstanding success is driven by its robust features that enhance data processing efficiency and accuracy. It offers effortless data handling, eliminates manual work, and provides cost savings. With seamless integration, configurability, quick setup, and flexible deployment options, DAN stands out as a leader in the data processing landscape.

Our Project Challenges


Multiple Document Types

Vendor bills, invoices, contracts, reports, surveys, employee reimbursement bills, quotations, government receipts, challans, and handwritten expenses—all necessitate processing and organization.

Solution: Processing Data from Multiple Sources and Formats It adeptly handles data from various sources and formats, simplifying the processing of diverse document types.


Manual Data Structuring

The conventional method involves labor-intensive, error-prone manual data structuring and entry into ERP systems, resulting in inefficiency and time wastage.

Solution: Transforming Unstructured and Unorganized Data DAN excels at transforming unstructured data into organized, actionable information.


High Man Hour Consumption

The resources expended on manual data entry and structuring accumulate rapidly, negatively impacting the bottom line and overall productivity.

Solution: Handling Scanned and Captured Documents With DAN, scanned and captured documents pose no obstacles to efficient data processing.

Flexible Deployment Options

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Opt for a subscription-based model hosted on any cloud platform. Pay only for what you use.

On-any Cloud

Enjoy the flexibility of DAN on your preferred cloud platform with user licensing options.


If you prefer, DAN can be deployed within your organization’s infrastructure, giving you full control.


Charlotte White

5 Star Rating

DAN from SDLC Corp has been a game-changer for us. We were drowning in a sea of documents and data. With DAN’s AI magic, we’ve not only streamlined our operations but also saved countless man-hours. This tool is a true asset for any organization seeking efficiency and cost savings.

Paul Richter

4.5 Star Rating

The integration of DAN into our existing systems was seamless, and the results have been outstanding. The accuracy and speed at which it converts unstructured data into structured information are truly remarkable. SDLC Corp’s expertise in AI shines through.

Jomon John

Omar Nassar

5 Star Rating

SDLC Corp’s DAN has been a game-changer for our data management. We’ve experienced a significant reduction in errors and time spent on manual data structuring. DAN has allowed us to focus on strategic initiatives, and the support from SDLC Corp has been exceptional throughout our journey.

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